Full Scholarships for Art Summer School, Germany

Deadline: 9 June 2013
Open to: doctoral students
Venue: Munich, Germany from July 29th –  August 3rd 2013


The 3rd interdisciplinary ProArt summer school “Ars et Circenses” will take place at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in Germany from July 29th to August 3rd 2013, encompassing the disciplines of Art History, Art Education, Musicology, Music Education and Theatre Studies. It aims to address these questions, and to discuss the following related issues:

  • What is the status of art in the entertainment sector today and vice versa?
  • How does self-marketing change the role and status of the artist?
  • Reflecting Tom Gunning’s definition of the ‘cinema of attractions’ one could ask: To what extent has art become an attraction? What role does the spectacular and the theatrical play in art?
  • How do artists market themselves?
  • What (monetary) value can one attribute to a work of art, or art in general? How does investment in art work?
  • In what ways can art be exploited for propaganda purposes? How do political or financial forces influence the arts?
  • How can artists define themselves as ‘outside’ mainstream culture?
  • How does art compete with other fields of entertainment in market terms?

They have 8 scholarships available for international students. These scholarships cover travel costs, accommodation, lunch and also provide a grant for your remaining living expenses. The registration fee (€ 75) may be reimbursed upon your arrival to Munich.  

All international students will be staying in student accommodation; they will take care of bookings. You may extend your stay up to the end of August. If you wish to do so, please state this clearly in your application.Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided from Monday to Saturday; the option to join a group for dinner will always be available.


Doctoral students are eligible for the full scholarships to attend this summer school.


You will need to provide the following for an application:

  • A filled-in application form AVAILABLE HERE.
  • A one-page abstract outlining the topic (section) you propose to pursue for a 3,000-4,000 word essay for the summer school.
  • A short CV with some information on your academic background.

All international applicants will automatically be considered for a full scholarship. Please send your application – application form, abstract and CV as .doc or .pdf files – via email to proart@lrz.uni-muenchen.de BY 9 JUNE 2013.

You will be notified whether your application was successful by June 23rd. To confirm your participation, accepted participants must transfer a € 75 registration fee to their bank account (bank account details will be provided with your letter of acceptance). You can apply for a reimbursement of this fee when you arrive in Munich.

You are expected to complete and submit a 3,000-4,000 word essay on your chosen topic by July 14th. All essays will subsequently be distributed to all participants and should be read in advance as they will form an important basis for discussion during the summer school.

Please address your questions to the organizers at proart@lrz.uni-muenchen.de or on their Contact page HERE. For more information, see the official website HERE.

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