Youth Future Conference in Bonn, Germany

Deadline: 15 August 2013
Open to: Young people from all over Europe aged 18 – 28
Venue: International Youth Hostel, Bonn, Germany from 1st September – 7th September 2013


This autumn 120 young people from all over Europe will meet in Bonn to discuss the most urgent environmental topics together with inspiring laureates and speakers from the Right Livelihood Award, the German Environmental Foundation an many more on an eye-to-eye level. We take the four dimensions of sustainability (economic, ecological, political and social as well as cultural) as the framework that will build the structure for the conference´s week.

There will be a variety of workshops on different topics you can choose from. Each day there will be workshop sessions, regarding the issue of the workshop within one dimension of sustainability and also open space, which is your time to connect, share ideas and initialize projects. Out of all newly formed projects there will be some elected that are going to receive financial support. Together you will have the opportunity to search for solutions and ideas, which include every aspect of sustainability and build the basis for you to get active in your own country.


Active, young people from all over Europe who want to create a  sustainable future. Aged 18-28.


  • Early Bird Tickets (till 31. May): 115 EUR
  • Normal Tickets: (from 1. June): 145 EUR

More information about costs can be found here. You can also check more info here regarding the venue and the food.


If you want to come to the conference but can not cover the expenses for the participation fee and/or the travel cost, you can apply for the Youth Future Conference’s Scholarship. The scholarship follows the principle of solidarity: People who can afford paying a higher participation fee enable financial less situated people to come to the conference by paying more than indicated. The scholarship is dedicated only to people between 18 and 30 years living or studying in Europe.

The number of scholarships granted depends on how many people apply for the scholarship and for how much money they apply. For the organizers it is much easier to cover the participation fee than the travel expenses. Of cause it is possible to, for example, only apply for a part of your travel expenses. For example when your whole itinerary is about 200€  and you can only cover 100€ by yourself, you can apply for the remaining 100€. You can check more info and apply for scholarship grant HERE!

Application procedure

If you already know, which workshop is your favourite (and which one would be your second or third choice)  you can already start the application: Just fill out the form.

The first places will be confirmed from the 3rd of June on. After this more places will be given out continously. If you would like to participate, but do not know, if you are really invited, for example because you feel to old, or to young, or because your are not living in Europe, please get in touch. In many cases organizers will find a solution. Just shoot them an email at

For any questions and concerns which you might have you can also use some of the CONTACTS here!

More information can be obtained from the official website or Pdf with conference rules.

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