Waves of Legality Crime Prevention Training, Italy

Deadline: 30 March 2013
Open to: youth workers, students, teachers, youth leaders involved in activities dealing with crime prevention or with restorative justice programs from ALL 27 EU countries plus Albania and Macedonia.
Venue: Palermo, Italy from 14-25 May 2013


Foundation “Giovanni e Francesca Falcone” aimed to promote culture of legality and role of civil society in countering organized crime and promote human rights is going to organize, together with its international partners, two international events in the frame of the project “Waves of legality, waves of citizenship” supported by the “Europe for Citizens” Program of the European Union.

This call is aimed to select participants to both events. The project aims to reinforce the role of organized civil society in combating and preventing crime and fostering the co-operation between the law enforcement system and civil society. It will involve 656 participants from 6 countries (84 of them with fewer opportunities) in activities connected to the promotion of culture of legality, promoting their civic commitment and their awareness on their role of active citizens toward crime prevention.

Financial conditions

  • No participation fee
  • Board and lodging provided by the hosting organization
  • Travel reimbursement will be 70 percent.
  • Travel reimbursement will be provided when the Administrative office of Falcone Foundation will get all the relevant documents (return tickets, boarding passes, original train tickets, etc) and will be done by bank transfer.

The project, is focused on two main activities :

  1. a survey on perception of organised crime on different countries and presentation of the results on the Waves of Legality website HERE;
  2. the participation of an international group of citizens to the celebrations and the initiatives connected with the 21st anniversary of the murder of the judge Giovanni Falcone, killed by mafia on the 23rd of May 1992

During the first event, participants take part in the meeting where the results of the survey will be presented. IMPORTANT: The organizers would appreciate it were you to participate in the survey on the perception of organised crime AVAILABLE HERE.

During the second event participant will take part in all the activities connected to the anniversary, having debates and exchanges with Sicilian participants, meeting students, taking part in the so called “Boat of legality” which bring 3.000 Italian students to the celebrations.

This last event organized has normally a wide media coverage, with more than 800 accredited journalists from all over the world, thus providing a very high visibility to the project and the Europe for Citizens programme.

Two events: Palermo, 14-25 May 2013

  1. “Presentation of survey results”- meeting to sharing the survey results “The boat of legality” – group of meetings and participation in the celebration of Giovanni Falcone
  2. Arrival of participants, after lunch of the 14th – Departure after lunch of the 25

240 Italian participants, 65 international participants

Since some years on the 23rd of May, anniversary of the killing of Giovanni Falcone, some 8.000 students arrive in Palermo, by using the so called “Boats of legality” from all over Italy, to take part in the celebrations in memory of the Judge, his wife and his bodyguards, killed by mafia on the 23rd of May 1992.


They are looking for 65 participants. Preference will be given to youth workers, students, teachers, youth leaders involved in activities with young offenders or at risk of offending or dealing with educational projects, dealing with crime prevention or with restorative justice programs.

  • Age: 18-35
  • Good knowledge of English, in order to facilitate the participation and the interaction among all participants
  • Interest in the specific topic of crime prevention and promotion of Civil society role
  • Proven possibility to act as multiplier in his/her country of origin (i.e. by being member of a civil society organization or a network)
  • Preference will be given to participants from disadvantaged background

ELIGIBLE COUNTRIES: All EU 27 countries, plus Albania and FYRO Macedonia. This is not YiA project, therefore no other countries are eligible.


If you apply for the events in Palermo, please return the application by the 30 March 2013. Selected participants, will be informed no later than 10th of April.

Please fill out the application form AVAILABLE HERE and send it to info@fondazionefalcone.it For more information, you can contact the Falcone Foundation at info@fondazionefalcone.it and see the official website HERE.

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