The 7th OGUNTE Women’s Social Leadership Awards

Deadline: 11 March 2013
Open to: Women from the UK and abroad
Prize: Being recognized as one of the OGUNTE Women’s Social Leadership Awards winners


The 7th OGUNTE Women’s Social Leadership Awards are now open! These Awards recognise women in the UK and abroad, influential leaders, connectors, campaigners and social entrepreneurs, who offer innovative and sustainable solutions to pressing social issues, and can evidence their social impact.

The awards categories

  • Leader in the Workplace, Intermediaries 2013- A woman providing activities reaching other social businesses, charities or campaigns (SVI, Consultants, Impact Investors, Angels); a woman leading a CSR initiative, a department or a corporate initiative that contributes to social and/or environmental change.
  • Social Business Leader 2013-  A woman founder or the leader of a social business (enterprise whose social purposes are aligned with commercial objectives), with a track record. If applicant are registered as a charity, applicant must be commercially viable.
  • Leader in Charitable Organisations/Networks/ Campaigns for Change 2013- A woman whose charitable organisation /not-for-profit/campaign/network has made waves and changed people’s lives – If applicants charity relies on donations/grants only, this is the right category.


  • Applications for categories 1,2 and 3 are open to women resident in the UK and abroad.
  • Applicant can nominate them self or nominate someone else.

How to apply

  • Fill out the Awards application form in English.
  • Please do not exceed word count (150 words max per section)
  • Please send: 1) Applicant’s high resolution picture/portrait (300DPI) with the name of the photographer where possible; 2) A link to a video that introduces applicant’s work; 3) Applicant can also film them self with a webcam, with a short piece on what they do, and post it on Youtube or Vimeo
  • Submit application electronically alongside their high resolution picture and a link to a video


For further information about the awards ceremony and to sponsor a support programme for winners and finalists, send your message to

More information can be obtained from the official website.

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