Call for Photos and Paintings on Youth Migration

Deadline: 10 March, 2013
Open to: young people aged between 15-35 years from all over the world
Award: contribution to UN World Youth Report 2013


Internal, intra-regional and international migration of young people takes place within diverse socio-ethnic, political and economic contexts. Young people are known to be the “most mobile among people of all ages.” They migrate for various reasons including employment, education, family formation and reunification; as well as conflict and persecution.

Considerable attention has been given to the issue of migration, its potential economic and social impacts on origin, transit and destination countries.  Comparatively, little attention has been given to developing an understanding of the livelihood struggles and opportunities that migration presents for young migrants themselves and how relevant stakeholders can work for and with youth to enhance the social and economic opportunities available to young migrants while mitigating associated challenges.

As such, the 2013 UN World Youth Report (WYR) aims to highlight some of the concerns, challenges and successes experienced by young migrants and other young people affected by migration.


The Call is open to young people aged between 15-35 years from all over the world.


Submissions should highlight:

  • The positive and negative impacts of international or internal migration, in a sending or a receiving country and how his has affected your family, your community, or, your country.
  • You can address these through: a social and economic perspective (for instance, increased opportunities for young people, brain gain and remittances versus mass youth migration, brain drain and undocumented migration).
  • What young people and youth organizations are doing to address the negative impacts of migration and also to enhance the benefits of youth migration in their communities or countries.

Illustrated Front Cover

This is a challenge for a great young artist or illustrator: the organizers are looking for a really striking image that reflects the theme of youth migration; use your imagination to create an image that will make others understand how young people are affected by migration and why migration is an issue of concern for young people.


Photos submitted by participants should capture youth in migration or youth-left behind by migrant parents (in different places and under various conditions) in a creative and original manner. Young photographers are invited to focus specifically on migrant conditions, gender issues, discrimination, irregular migration processes, migration to cities, poverty and its linkages with migration, among other issues. You can also send us photos that illustrate young people taking action on migration and development issues.


Please email your submissions to by 10 March 2013 with the subject line: UN World Youth Report

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