Scholarships for International Summer School in Oslo, Norway

Deadline: 1 February, 2013
Open to: Candidates from the Balkans, Eastern Europe & the Caucasus, USA, Canada or other countries, as well as candidates who study Scandinavian studies
Scholarship: Scholarships may cover the programme expenses (board and lodging, all course/seminar fees, pocket money) and travel expenses

About the International Summer School (ISS)

The ISS is a learning community of diverse students who come together to study, interact and increase understanding and good will between nations. This requires friendliness, frankness and tolerance among all involved. Every summer, from late June to early August, ISS welcomes over 550 students from about 90 countries.

The ISS is an academic center for learning in an international context, and a forum for fostering intercultural understanding. It aims at developing and conveying knowledge and at promoting understanding between people from different cultures. This dual purpose is reflected in the ISS motto: “Six Weeks of Academic Achievement and International Good Will”.

For the courses offered at the International Summer School, you can direct HERE. You can find them within three categories:

Admission & Scholarship requirements for ISS

You can review the admission requirements for ISS at their official website here. The International Summer School (ISS) also has a wide variety of full and partial scholarships, but the competition for scholarships is tough. The scholarship application form will be available until 28 January 2013.

To be a successful scholarship candidate you will need to demonstrate:

  • that your academic background is related to the course you wish to take;
  • that your professional background/goals are related to the course you wish to take;
  • financial need;
  • personal qualities that make you a good representative of your country.

If you do not meet the first two points in the Pre-Application process, you will not be encouraged to submit an application. On the scholarship application form, applicants will be asked to specify the extent of scholarship needed to participate. Also, a reference person not related to the applicant must confirm the financial need. This could be a bank employee, representative of your school’s financial aid office, financial advisor, or someone who has detailed knowledge of your financial situation.

Who CANNOT apply for scholarships awarded by the ISS?

  • Applicants residing in Norway (regardless of citizenship)
  • Applicants for Intensive Elementary Norwegian, Level I
  • Medical professionals applying for Norwegian language courses
  • Former ISS students

Who can apply for scholarships to Bachelor’s courses?

Who can apply for scholarships to Master’s courses?

Applicants coming from countries from former Yugoslavia can also consider checking this open call here.

Sponsored applicants

If you apply to the ISS as “sponsored” applicant, some or all of your costs will be covered from a source other than the ISS: an employer, a private foundation or company, school, etc. You may still apply for a partial scholarship from the ISS, however, ISS scholarships are non-negotiable once they are awarded.

Scholarships may cover

  • travel costs
  • the basic on-campus or off-campus fee
  • extra course fees
  • pocket money (NOK 3000)

How to apply?

The International Summer School admits students once a year to its six-week summer programme. The deadline for scholarship applications is 1 February. Self-paying applicants can apply after this date. You will simultaneously choose your classes and apply for admission to the ISS. Course changes are possible, but limited. You can check how to apply HERE. Check required supporting documents HERE.

+47 22 85 63 85

For more information please visit the official website.

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      you can find all the information together with all relevant links in the bottom of the article (section How to apply and then check how to apply here). Hope this helps.

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    1. Dear Agnes,
      This opportunity is only for Bachelor's and Master's students, but please review our PhD Scholarships page on this website for other scholarship opportunities.
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    1. Dear Glory,
      Please closely review the information at the official website linked from the post above. The full fees of the summer school are 3,870 USD, but there are differing amounts of scholarships for applicants from different geographical areas. You may be eligible for various scholarships depending on where you are from, but you must check this website:….
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    1. Dear Samson,
      for this scholarship you can apply only online. First you should fulfill the pre-application form and than they will send to you the full application form. You can find all the information together with all relevant links in the bottom of the article (section How to apply and then check how to apply here).

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  1. I have a question about English requirements. It has been a little bit more than 2 years since I had my IELTS test. Can I still apply with these results for the scholarship? If it can help, I also have university english exam marks presented in my diploma… Thank you. Nadia

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