Papers Sought for Conference on East-West Relations

Deadline: 31 December 2012
Open to: graduate students and researchers studying the relationship between Eastern and Western countries and FREE for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.
Venue:  Pedagogical State University A.I. Herzen in St. Petersburg, Russia; 12-13 April 2012


The Dept. of Spanish of the Pedagogical State University A.I. Herzen (Russia) and the University of California, Merced are searching for papers to be presented at the 5th International Conference on Orientalism and the Asian and Arab presence in the Hispanic and Lusophone world: “Transcultural and Transmodern Readings between Eastern and Western Countries,” on 12-13 April 2013 at the Department of Spanish of the Pedagogical State University A.I. Herzen in St. Petersburg, Russia.

You are invited to present a paper in English or Spanish dedicated to one of the following subthemes (other subthemes related to the main theme of the conference will be accepted):

  • Russian Orientalism
  • Russia, between the East and the West
  • Travel narratives about Russia by writers and intellectuals of the Luso-Hispanic world
  • Can we speak about orientalist discourse when the exoticist gaze comes from formerly colonized countries?
  • Can a text be considered orientalist if it exoticizes the other without an obvious idealization of self?
  • Can we talk about orientalism when dealing with non-eastern cultures and peoples?
  • How can strategic self-orientalization be used for economic or political profit?
  • Is the ‘Orient’ still helping Europe and the Western Hemisphere to define themselves?
  • Orientalism, Occidentalism, strategic Orientalism, and self-orientalization
  • Occidentalism
  • Asianness and Arabness in the Americas and the Hispanic world
  • “Cooleeism”
  • Asian and Arab literature and culture in the Americas
  • Asian and Arab characters in Western literature
  • Nationalisms and the Asian or Arab as the “Other”
  • Japonisme in literature, film, and other types of cultural production
  • Asian and Arab testimonials, memoirs, and autobiographies in the Americas and the Hispanic World
  • Asian and Arab women in the Americas and the Hispanic world and their representation
  • Jose Rizal and other Spanish-language Filipino Authors
  • Asian/Arab transculturation, hybridity, and assimilation in the Western World
  • Erasure and misrepresentation of Asians and Arabs in Western cultural production
  • Asian and Arab religiosity and “witchcraft” in the Americas
  • White supremacy and Asians/Arabs in the Americas and the Hispanic world
  • Chinatowns in the Americas
  • ‘The Orient’ in Travel Literature
  • Performing, Reading, and Writing “the Orient?”
  • Feminization of “the Orient” and “the Orientals”
  • Asian/Arab identities, cultural difference, and de-ethnification in the Western world
  • Western travelers and imaginaries in the Near and Far East
  • Arab and Asian travelers and imaginaries in the West
  • Asian/Arab transnationalism, exile, and “inner exile”
  • Racialization of Asian/Arabs
  • Orientalism and the Asian and Arab diasporas in the Portuguese-speaking world


Please send your abstract via email before December 31, 2012, along with a brief bio-bibliography (maximum of 10 lines) to any of the emails below. You may also contact them with any questions or requests for further information.

Dr. Ignacio Lopez-Calvo

Svetana V. Tyutina
Florida International University

Dr. Cristian H.Ricci

Registration Costs:

  • USA /Asia: $100
  • Graduate students from USA. / Asia: $50
  • Europe (except Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus): 80 euros
  • Graduate students from Europe (except Russia, Ukrania and Belarus): 40 euros
  • Latin America and Africa: $40
  • Russia, Ukraine and Belarus: free

Please send a check signed to University of California Regents. The address is the following:

Dr. Ignacio Lopez-Calvo.
University of California, Merced
5200 North Lake Road
Merced, CA. 95343

See the original call for applications for more information about visas, hotels, and transportation HERE.

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