Conference on the Decentralization Process in Macedonia, Skopje

Deadline: 15 November, 2012
Open to: Students, Researchers, Professors, Academics coming from all countries, but especially the countries from South-East Europe
Venue: Skopje/Tetovo, Macedonia from 25 – 26 January, 2012

Decentralization Process in the Republic of Macedonia, Main issues, Trends and Developments in the Future

Most of western Balkan countries have use decentralization reforms as a tool for finding solutions for national issues related to inter-ethnic conflicts and as a need for reducing the centralized competences inherited from socialist regimes. In other side decentralization it can be a controversial process. During implementation, governments hesitate to transfer the power to local governments, because they are afraid that they won’t be able to fulfill their duties, but in other side municipalities are asking for more responsibilities in order to fulfill the needs of the local population. Decentralization facts in Macedonia shows that this public reform has long term scope and it cannot be implemented fully in specific time frame from decision makers or international factor. Until now, decentralization had positive effects, however, the success of decentralization depends on two main factors: support from the central government and proper response of local governments and citizens. Also the international organizations who have contribute in developing this process, still have to contribute in this process especially with resources and interventions.

Open call for papers

Through organizing this conference we would like to support the decentralization process and in meantime to offer the vision for overcoming the political and economical challenges of implementation:

– Historical side of decentralization;
– Implementation of decentralization process;
– Legal framework for transferring the competences and resources;
– Fiscal Decentralization;
– Local incomes and expenditure;
– Loan and local debt; Local taxes and fees;
– Public, local and private goods;
– Transfer of service and raise of institutional capacities of municipalities;
– Decision making and participation of citizens;
– Language, communication, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of politics in horizontal and vertical level;
– Millennium challenges and international institutions of local governments.

The conference will be implemented by participation of different actors coming from judicial, politic, economic and cultural field. This is and the aim of the conference, to create a scientific assessment for detecting the problems which has nowadays decentralization process, how has been developed, and which problems and developments are going to show up in the future in the successful implementation of decentralization.

You can contribute and apply by sending a paper. The maximum number of paperwork’s will be approximately 30. Researches should be based on original studies supported by theoretic and methodological clear approach and to show the achieved or expected results. In this conference is expected to participate representatives of the countries of the region: Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and also from USA, Austria, England, Denmark, Germany, Romania etc. You can see the open call for papers in details HERE.

COSTS: The organizers will cover all costs related to accommodation, food, travel and workshop material.

Application timeline

15 November 2012: deadline of the submission of the research paper (300 words max) and of the registration paper and CV;
30 November 2012: notice to the participants about acceptance of the papers;
15 January 2013: deadline of the paperwork;
20 January 2013: notification about the evaluation of the research paper by the scientific committee of the conference

Information exchange will be done through the following contact:

Pishtar Lutfiu
e-mail. ;
mob. +389 70/231-345

For more detailed information, please visit the official website.

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  1. I m a young TV journalist of Bangladesh
    In Bangladesh, there is more problem for people rights
    I m interest to solve some of the problem for people
    And for that i must have need some knowledge about decentralization
    Have i can join this program ???

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