Erasmus Mundus Master Scholarship in Public Policy

Deadline: 3 January 2013
Open to: Applicants coming from EU/EEA-EFTA member states and non-EU countries
Scholarship:  € 20 000/ € 40 000

The Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Public Policy (MAPP) Academic Consortium has four partner institutions:  Central European University, Budapest, Hungary; Barcelona Institute of International Studies, Spain; International Institute of Social Studies Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Hague, the Netherlands; University of York, UK
Mundus MAPP is coordinated by the Department of Public Policy, Central European University.


Mundus MAPP is open to both European and overseas (third country national) students. Erasmus Mundus scholarships are provided for the best eligible applicants by the European Commission.
There are two types of scholarship offered by the European Commission. Both categories of scholarship recipients also receive financial support from the Mundus MAPP universities in the form of partial tuition fee waivers (reduced tuition fees).

  1. Category A: Students accepted to Mundus MAPP who DO NOT come from any of the countries listed below, and who are not residents nor have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in the countries listed below, are eligible for “Category A” scholarships:
    – Member States of the European Union,
    – EEA-EFTA States (Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein)
  2. Category B: All other students accepted to Mundus MAPP are eligible for “Category B” scholarships, i.e., students who come from one the countries listed above, or have resided or conducted their main activity in one or several of the countries listed above for more than 12 months in the past 5 years.

The number of scholarships for each category of individuals (students from categories A and B) are determined in the autumn by the European Commission on a yearly basis, and varies between 7 and 17 students scholarships each year.


The value of the scholarships is a total of € 48 000 for Category A, and € 20 000 for Category B for the duration of the programme (two academic years).
Mundus MAPP tuition fees are normally € 11,000 per academic year (22,000 for two academic years). However, part of this fee is waived by the Mundus MAPP universities for Erasmus Mundus scholarship recipients. The value of these partial tuition fee waivers is € 3,000 per academic year for Category A scholarship holders, and € 7,000 for Category B scholarship holders.

Consequently, Mundus MAPP scholarship recipients cover the following fees from their scholarships:

  • € 8,000 per academic year (16,000 total for two years) for Category A scholarship recipients; and
  • € 4,000 per academic year (8,000 total for two years) for Category B scholarship recipients.

On the basis of a written agreement, the applicable fee is directly deducted by the Consortium from the students’ Erasmus Mundus scholarships. The remainder of the scholarship (€ 16,000 per academic year for Category A and € 6,000 per academic year for Category B scholarship recipients) is paid to the students’ bank accounts in monthly instalments.

Application process

Prospective students are requested to submit an on-line application form by January 3, 2013, 24:00 Pacific Standard Time (PST) in order to be considered for an Erasmus Mundus Category A or B scholarship.

Mundus MAPP requires the following attachments which are part of the application form:

  1.  Two official letters of recommendation – part of the on-line application form.
  2. Electronic version of all higher education academic records – part of the on-line application form.
  3. Full curriculum vitae or resume, including a list of publications, if any – part of the on-line application form.
  4. Statement of purpose – part of the on-line application form.
  5.  Proof of English proficiency (for more about this, go here)

Application deadline

Your complete application (including English language test scores and recommendation letters) has to be submitted by January 3, 2013, 24:00 Pacific Standard Time (PST).


  • Bachelors degree (completed at least three years of undergraduate study – normally at least Second Class);
  • Fluency in English
  • High motivation and interest in European and international public policy.

Selection process

  1. Formal review: An initial check of whether the documents are complete, meet formal requirements and the applicant is eligible. Reasons for rejection in the first formal review include: failure to submit all required documentation; submitting unofficial academic documents or recommendation letters; failure to meet the language requirement; absence of Bachelor’s degree, transcripts or absence of statement from university registrar in case the applicant is expecting their degree by August 2013. For those applying for Erasmus Mundus scholarships by January 3, the results of this formal review will be available in Embark by January 15. Applicants rejected in the formal review may request a review between January 15 and January 20, 2013.
  2. First academic review: a check of whether the applicant meets the minimum academic requirements. Rejection in the first academic review may be due to, including but not limited to, quality of grades and relevance of degree; weak motivation; bad English; misrepresentation of or contradictory information in the application materials. Applicants will be able to check the results of the first academic review through the Embark application system, and the results will be available by January 28, 2013. Applicants rejected in the first academic review may request a review between January
    28 and February 2, 2013.
  3. Academic evaluation: Applications that have passed the formal and first academic reviews are evaluated by faculty of the Mundus MAPP Consortium universities according to the following criteria: 1) educational background (quality and relevance of degrees earned), 2) work experience, 3) motivation, 4)letters of recommendation
  4. Final decision: Final decisions and ranking of candidates are made by the Academic Board of the Mundus MAPP Consortium. Candidates selected for scholarships and placed on the reserve list will receive an informal note of their admission by March 14, 2013. Candidates not selected will also be communicated the result by March 14, 2013 in Embark at the latest. Applicants who wish to contest this decision may ask for a review between March 14 and 19, stating the reasons for their request.

For more information about the Scholarship, eligibility, selection process, etc, please read the complete instructions.

The official website .

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  1. MY name is Amr , i’m 24 years old graduated from the faculty of law and i’m intersted in joining this schoolership to improve my knowledge and know more about other cultures ,, witch is will reflect on my country in order to transfer the eruopian knowledge and cultrue to middle eastern country like egypt

    1. Dear Mostafa,

      Please note, that Mladiinfo does not give scholarship and is not responsible for application. If you want to apply for the scholarship, submit the on-line application form, as mentioned above.

      Kind regards,
      Mladiinfo team

  2. Please, I would like to know for any scholarship for short time, 1 year, 8 months or less in the field of Entomology for mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseaes. Rodents and rodent-borne diseases?
    I am a PhD in Entomology and Master of Sciences in Small Mammals Ecology, and A Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Parasitology and Entomology.

    I looking for short researches or postdocs in these fields.


  3. Dear Elton,
    I'm not sure this public policy program is appropriate for your field of interest, but please continue checking our Mladiinfo scholarship page for information about postdoc scholarships and fellowships.
    Kind regards,
    Mladiinfo team

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