CREA(C)TION Training Course About Social Media, Romania

Deadline: 7 October, 2012
Open to: 26 participants from Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia
Venue: 23 -31 October, 2012, Sovata, Romania


The Training Course “CREA(C)TION” is an opportunity for youth leaders and workers, NGO members and volunteers, activists to learn skills and methods, change attitudes in the field of online active participation as well as community organizing.

During the course the participants will acquire the necessary and specific technical knowledge in the field of media literacy with a special emphasis on online blogging and community organizing, and parallel to these, they will also attain expertise and attitudes through modules developed on the theme of active participation that will assist them in their attempt to successfully get involved in the life of their community and to design and implement online advocacy actions as well as campaigns.

Moreover, the Training Course will contribute to establish a lasting partnership with other young persons and representatives of organizations that work with young people around Europe, providing space for project planning between organizations.


The course is open to 26 participants from Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia, youth workers, youth leaders, young people, who wish to build capacity and gain skills in the field of active participation and media literacy with the aim to become more active in the life of their community, who have already worked or presently work in community projects or other youth related projects.


The 70 % of the travel expenses are covered by the project and will be reimbursed on presentation of the relevant receipts. The food and accomodation is fully covered.The mentioned expenses are covered only for the participants who attend the entire training course. The reimbursement will be made at the end of the course in cash or bank transfer (in Euros) follow to the submission of relevant travel documents. There are some maximum travel costs foreseen in the budget, so, before buying tickets all participants will have to consult with the organizers/project partners in the participating countries.


To apply download and print application documents. After you have filled them out, send them to

Application documents you can download here

Application deadline is 7 October, 2012.


Ms. Orsolya Szálasi (Orsi)


Phone: 0040-770-908264

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