EIU Business Professor of the Year 2013 Award

Deadline: 19 October 2012
Open to: Students & Alumni of MBA and business related subjects from around the world
Prize: USD $100.000


The EIU Business Professor of the Year Award recognises and rewards excellence in business teaching. We will be encouraging students and alumni of MBA and business related subjects from around the world to nominate the professor that has inspired and helped them to succeed in their studies. Professors will be judged on their ability to motivate passionate responses from their students and teach using innovative pedagogies. An expert panel of judges from around the world will select the winner of this prestigious prize from a shortlist of four professors. The winner of this prestigious award will not only be known as the EIU Business Professor of the Year 2013 but will also win USD $100.000.


Before making your nominations, check if your professor is eligible by reading the rules of entry (all nominated professors must be available to travel to London for the Teach-off on Thursday 14th March 2013) and that you have gathered the following information on your professor: full name, email address, department/faculty, school, contact no, a photo of the professor and where possible Youtube video footage of them teaching. You will also be asked to give a comment on why you have chosen to nominate your professor, so make sure you tell us (and other voters) why they are so great!

Voting process

  1. From Tuesday 11th September until 5.00 pm Friday 19th October, students and alumni from all over the world will submit their nominations for the business professor who has inspired, challenged and guided them through their business education. The winning professor will win $100,000 USD.
  2. From Tuesday 23rd October, once nominations have closed, the voting period will begin. All nominated professors will appear on the website and will be able to receive votes. Voting closes on Friday 23rd November at 5.00 pm. The professors with the most votes will proceed to the long list and be passed to our expert panel of judges.
  3. From the long list of fifteen professors, the judges will select their top four professors to form the short list. These selected professors will then be flown to London to take part in the live Teach-off on Thursday 14th March 2013. Travel and accommodation for the professors will be covered by the organisers.

The Live Teach-off

On Thursday 14th March 2013, the shortlisted professors will each plan and present a short lecture, which they will then deliver to a live classroom audience on a topic of their choice. They should aim to ‘wow’ students both in the room and those watching live online. All viewers (in the room and online) will then cast their vote to decide who will be the 2013 EIU Business Professor of the Year. Votes will be calculated electronically and the results announced live. The winning professor will be presented with a prize of $100,000 USD. Full registration details will be announced soon, you can pre-register here. 
The official webpage. 

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