Seminar on Monitoring Hate Crime, London

Deadline: 15 September, 2012
Open to: Experienced professionals and organisations engaged in monitoring hate crime, coming from EU member states and interested in training others how to monitor hate crime
Venue: November 19-23, London

Facing Facts! Train the Trainer Programme

Are you an experienced professional engaged in monitoring hate crime? Would you and/or your organization be interested in training others how to monitor hate crime?

This train-the-trainer programme will provide a new and innovative methodology for training NGOs how to monitor and respond to hate crime from across the spectrum of communities and issues. You and your organization can:

  • expand the portfolio of services which you offer;
  • contribute to more comprehensive and comparable data collection; and
  • develop better cooperation and solidarity across communities.

During this five day seminar you will have the opportunity to gain exposure to a wide range of best practices that are relevant across communities and national contexts, network with other NGOs, and develop strategies for implementing training in your own geographic region/communities of concern on the monitoring and reporting of hate crime.

Benefits of the seminar

Below are just a few of the learning outcomes you will take away from the course, which can then be used for enhancing and improving your own local programs:

  • Being able to properly identify hate crimes, the different forms they take, and when they fall short of being criminal
  • Understanding domestic/international/EU legal norms and the impact that different levels of legislation have on your both your geographic region and your community across national borders
  • Being able to record incidents in a standardized manner across organizations and communities for data gathering and reporting purposes. Standardized reporting lends itself to accuracy and legitimacy, which subsequently creates greater weight when advocating at local and international levels
  • Gaining an enhanced understanding of the range of victim services that need to be considered, such as the victim needs and rights, your responsibility towards them, ethics in relating to them and the variety of resources available for assisting them
  • Improve your understanding of and increase your effectiveness at advocating for the rights of your community at all levels – local, regional and international
  • Earn access to training manuals, workbooks, and seminar guides which you can take back to your local area in order to train others in the monitoring of hate crime


The project is recommended for experienced professionals/organisations engaged in monitoring hate crime. In order to be considered eligible to participate in this workshop you need to reside in an EU member state and to have filled out the online questionnaire.


All flights, hotel accommodations and meals during the five day workshop will be provided to participants by the Facing Facts! project. Local travel costs will remain the responsibility of the participant. A contribution of 250 euros per participant is requested.

Application Process

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting new initiative, please complete the online application form by September 15th. The application will ask for a variety of information concerning your background with hate crime monitoring, such as: what your level of engagement in monitoring is, your geographic scope, how the training competence you’ll gain through our program fits in with your professional/organizational strategy and how you envisage implementing this training in your own local area/community.

Please note that places are limited! It is best to turn in your application as early as possible before the final deadline of 15 September 2012. Confirmation of acceptance will be sent to  suitable applicants by October 10th .

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