AYF’s Internship Programme in Bonn, Germany

Deadline: Interns are accepted throughout the whole year
Open to: graduate and postgraduate students from diverse academic backgrounds who can speak English and German
Remuneration: This internship is not paid; interns might wish to seek sponsorship for their assignments from public/private institutions


The African Youth Foundation (AYF) is a non-profit development organization based in Bonn, Germany. AYF was established in 2000 to aid young African people in the Diaspora and in Africa, as well as Europeans with African descent, to undertake projects which will enable them obtain skills necessary for their future livelihoods.

The AYF provides an internship programme which aims to provide a framework by which graduate and postgraduate students, as well as individuals in their early stage of career, from diverse academic backgrounds may be assigned to AYF to enhance their educational experience through practical work assignments. Interns will have insight in how this organization works through international atmosphere and at the same time provides assistance and training in various professional fields.

Terms and conditions


  1. Interns are accepted at all time throughout the year; duration of internships are from three to six months
  2. The organization will draft, in consultation with the participant, a task plan including the type of work
  3. The AYF does not provide remuneration for internships. Interns might wish to seek sponsorship for their assignments from public or private institutions (e.g. governments, educational institutions, or under a scholarship scheme of their home country or country of residence, thus they can cover travel, accommodation and living expenses.
  4. There is no expectancy of employment upon completion of the internship. However, interns can apply for regular positions with the secretariat either during the internship or three months immediately following the expiration date of their internship
  5. The intern is required to keep confidential all the information made known during the internship

Language: AYF’s working languages are English and German. Working knowledge in French and Spanish is an asset.
Interpersonal skills: Written and verbal Interpersonal and Communication skills as well as respect for cultural diversity are particularly important values that intern has to posses working in AYF.
Accommodation: As already mentioned the accommodation and the living expenses are responsibility of the intern or their sponsoring institution. For more detailed information about terms and conditions please see this document HERE.


Applications may be forwarded by e-mail or normal mail directly or through sponsoring institution to:

African Youth Foundation
Sebastianstr. 177-179
53115 Bonn

or per e-mail: intern@ayf.de

Application should include a recent Curriculum Vitae and an explanatory paper indicating the reason for requesting an internship and intended goals to be achieved if selected.

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