MA in Peace and Conflict Studies at EPU, Austria

Deadline: 1st November 2012, 15 February 2013, 1 March 2013
Open to: internationally
Scholarship: varies


The European University Center for Peace Studies (EPU)  has received accreditation as a recognized private university (“Private Universität”) according to the University Accreditation Act (UniAkkG) of the year 2000 and the European Bologna Process.
The MA Program in Peace and Conflict Studies aims at enhancing students’ competences and abilities in crisis prevention, conflict management and the promotion of peace. Students learn to analyze conflicts and their underlying causes, they develop practical skills in peaceful conflict transformation and develop and deepen their motivation to participate in the creation of a world society living in peace and justice.
The study program enhances students’ abilities to work in an academic-analytic manner. They gain deep knowledge about research approaches and methods used in social sciences, which are required for analysis in peace studies. Students are enabled to identify and classify problems and to develop strategies for their solution. The study program aims at furthering students’ interdisciplinary and practice-oriented research competence. This is supported by research projects and internships.


The faculty as well as the students come from many different countries, and have a multitude of ethnic, religious and educational backgrounds, which means that the application on the faculty is on an international level.  This creates an interesting learning environment where students learn not only from the lecturers but also from each other. EPU has a limited number of partial and full scholarships. It strives to support those who otherwise would not be able to afford their studies at our university.


The applicants should apply only  for either a partial or full scholarship if they are really in financial need. There are various scholarships that the faculty offers:

Scholarships of the European Peace University (EPU Scholarships)

A limited number of partial scholarships is offered by the EPU. The EPU scholarship results in a partial reduction of tuition (no reduction in housing fees is possible).

Full Scholarships for citizens of Developing Countries (Africa, Asia, Latin America)

A limited number of full scholarships (tuition and accommodation, but no living expenses) is available for citizens of Developing Countries (Africa, Asia, Latin America). Scholarships for applicants from development countries are also donated by the Afro-Asian Institute located in Graz/Austria. To apply for such a development scholarship please click here.

Scholarships for citizens of South Eastern Europe

EPU offers special scholarships for students from South Eastern Europe applying for the MA Program in European Peace & Security Studies and for the MA Program in Peacebuilding.

Scholarships for applicants from Austria and the European Union

Students with Austrian citizenship (as well as students from the European Union who have permanent residence status in Austria) are eligible to get a Austrian Study Grant. Furthermore EPU offers special scholarships for Austrian citizens applying for the MA Program in European Peace & Security Studies and for the MA Program in Peacebuilding.

Scholarships for Austrian citizens of Burgenland

EPU offers a limited number of special scholarships for applicants of the province of Burgenland/Austria.

Other funding opportunities for students

The Austrian database for scholarships and research grants is the most comprehensive online database in Austria concerning all research areas. Moreover, research allowances, prizes and other funding opportunities can be found. Information is given including details of application conditions (application deadline and place) as well as on duration, allocation and financing of each grant. The continuous updating of the database is undertaken both by the Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD) and directly by grant-awarding institutions, which guarantees up-to-dateness of the data.
This database has been financed by funds of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research and the EU. Enter the database here.
More information about the cost of studies and the scholarships you can find here.


 The following documents should be attached to your application:

  • An official EPU application form iin Word or PDF format
  • An updated Curriculum Vitae
  • Photocopies of your BA Degree Diploma (180 ECTS Credits) or certificate equivalent degree to a BA Degree Diploma and other relevant degrees and diplomas
  • A TOEFL test not older than one year (exceptions are only made for native English speakers and for persons who have studied at least two semesters in English)
  • An application essay of approx. 300 words, indicating the main fields of interest in the program and how you hope to benefit from the program
  • Two letters of recommendation of individuals familiar with your academic / professional work (in sealed envelopes)
  • One passport size photograph

Only for applicants for the MA Program in Peacebuilding:

  • A letter from the applicant’s employer confirming his/her work experience (duration at least one year) in the area of Peacebuilding.

For applicants for the MA Programs in Peace and Conflict Studies & European Peace and Security Studies:
Doing an internship in a related field of studies is mandatory for students of the MA Program in Peace and Conflict Studies and the MA Program in European Peace and Security Studies. However, it can be waived if applicants have already done such an internship (duration: at least 3 months).
In that case, please include with your application documents:

  • A Certificate of Internship (written by the internship supervisor)
  • An Internship Report (written by the intern)
There are several dedlines for every year, you can check here.
For additional information check  FAQ .

Please mail all the required documents to the EPU Secretariat:
European Peace University (EPU) – Private University
Attn.: Ms. Anita FLASCH
Rochusplatz 1
A-7461 Stadtschlaining
Additionally to the mailing, you can also fax the application documents to the EPU Secretariat to make the process start earlier for you: +43-3355-43924-12

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