EU Master in Sustainable Constructions Under Natural Hazards and Catastrophic Events

Deadline: 10 January, 2013
Open to: all interested students, fullfiling the minimal requirements
Scholarship:14 500 €, 37 000  


The focus of SUSCOS Sustainable Steel and Timber Constructions Master Course is to provide attendees the engineering ability and know-how to design and construct steel and timber structures in a balanced approach between economic, environmental and social aspects, enhancing the sustainability and competitiveness of the steel and timber industry. The course is organized in three modules covering buildings; from concrete, steel, timber, composite and mixed building technology, bridges and energy-related infra-structures and equipments with a practice oriented approach. A strong emphasis is given to the reduction of carbon footprint, the energy efficiency of buildings considering a life-cycle approach and the integration in the structural systems of renewable energies and innovative technologies.

The courses are lectured in English by academics from all partner institutions and invited teachers from associated members. The first edition of the course will be carried out in Czech Republic and Portugal.

The degree awarded is a Master Degree, provided as a multiple diploma. The MSc has duration of three semesters, each 60 ECTS, and is held on a rotating basis among partners. Coursework is concentrated in two countries and dissertation work is divided between all partners. Students may spend one term in one country and the coursework part of the second term in a second country. The dissertation can be carried out at any of the six partner countries.


The master course is open for all interested students, which fulfill  the minimal requirements. If applicants are interested, they may apply for a grant. Each student may apply in one edition for one SUSCOS_M grant only. Students with two passports are asked to selected under which country they prefer to apply.


For European Students
Up to six European students will be awarded by Erasmus Mundus grant. The grant for alt three terms of Master program  consist of monthly allowance (17 x 500 ) + participation costs per term (3 x 2000) = total 14 500 .

For Third-Country Students
Up to nine third-country students students will be awarded by Erasmus Mundus grant.The grant for alt three terms of Master program consist of monthly allowance (17 x 1 000 ) + participation costs per term (3 x 4 000 ) + contribution to travel (8 000 €) = total 37 000  €.

SUSCOS Consortium Grants (edition 2013-2015) 

Up to 12 students will be awarded by SUSCOS Consortium grant which will cover the European participation cost. The self-sponsoring students are asked to pay the European participation cost, e.g. 3 x 2000 = 6000 .


The signed Application form and all required documents have to be sent in pdf format by e-mail  on address
The receiving of the application will be confirmed by email. Original documents will be check if the application will be accepted. 
The potential appeal procedure following the rejection of a scholarship/fellowship application should be explained.

The deadline is 10 January, 2013.

Application form:    in PDF format,     in RTF format, and  in ZIPped rtf format.

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