Paid Translations Traineeships in EU parlament

Deadline: 15th of August
Open to: be nationals of a Member State of the European Union or of a candidate country (Croatia, Iceland, Macedonia, Montenegro or Turkey)
Remuneration: EUR 1 213.55 a month.

Paid traineeships are awarded solely to graduates of universities or equivalent institutions. Their purpose is to enable trainees to supplement the knowledge which they acquired during their studies and to familiarise themselves with the activities of the European Union and, in particular, the European Parliament.

Applicants for a paid translation traineeship must:

-be nationals of a Member State of the European Union or of a candidate country (Croatia, Iceland, Macedonia, Montenegro or Turkey);
-be aged 18 or over on the traineeship starting date;
-not have been awarded any other paid traineeship, or have been in paid employment for more than four consecutive weeks, with a European institution or a Member or political group of the European Parliament;
-have obtained, before the deadline for the submission of applications, a university degree after a course of study of at least three years’ duration
-have perfect knowledge of one of the official languages of the European Union or of the official language of an applicant country and thorough knowledge of two other official languages of the European Union.

Paid translation traineeships are awarded for a period of three months. On an exceptional basis, they may be extended for a maximum period of three months.

Application period:

15 June – 15 August (midnight) to submit your application.
Trainership period starting from 1st of January 2013
We advise you not to wait until the last day to apply, to prevent the system from becoming overloaded because there are a large number of applications.


Translation traineeships are assigned to Luxembourg./ For guidance, in 2011 the scholarship amounted to EUR 1 213.55 a month.
If you are interested in a paid translation traineeship, please read the Internal Rules Governing Translation Traineeships.

If you are preselected?

Please note the conditions for admission. If you are preselected, the following will be requested as supporting documents:
-the application form, duly completed and signed,
-a copy of your passport or identity card,
-copies of your diplomas and certificates, and
-a copy of your university marks (results), if you have them.

It is not necessary to send these supporting documents at this stage. The documents will only be requested if you pass the preselection stage. If you are preselected for a traineeship, your application will be deemed valid only if you provide the full set of documents mentioned above.

If you fulfil the conditions for admission, please complete the online application form.

Please note that if you leave your application form inactive for 30 minutes, the data you have entered will be lost. We therefore advise you to read carefully the Internal Rules Governing Translation Traineeships before filling in the application form.

The application cannot be changed online and is completed and submitted in a single operation. A printed copy of the sample form is available to help you prepare your application before you submit it online.
NB: You should keep a copy of the number that will be allocated to you when you validate your online application.

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25 thoughts on “Paid Translations Traineeships in EU parlament

  1. Почитувани,

    Овој оглас сепак не важи за државјани на Република Македонија (родени говорители на македонскиот јазик). Пред два месеци ( пред 15 мај) конкурирав за истава обука/стаж, но околу 15 јуни добив одговор дека не се во можност да им понудат обука/стаж на родени говорители на македонскиот затоа што немаат преведувачка служба за македонски јазик. Во прилог одговорот од одговорните од Дирекцијата за преведување:

    Dear Mr KOSTOVSKI,

    Thank you for your interest in the European Parliament.

    As there is no Macedonian translation service at the European Parliament at present, we are not in a position to offer you a traineeship. We will keep your application on file, however, and you will be contacted if a traineeship opportunity should arise.

    You might wish to investigate the option of Schuman Scholarships, which are also open to candidate countries.

    Best regards,

    Head of Unit

    Directorate-General for Translation
    Training and Traineeships Unit
    L-2929 Luxembourg

  2. I can see that Serbia is not listed. Could I apply if I am Macedonian citizen, but my native language is Serbian and have a degree in English language and literature?

    1. Dear Jela,

      The post says that interested from countries candidates for EU including Montenegro are eligible to apply, therefor you can apply.

      Best of luck,
      Mladiinfo team

    2. Hello Jela! I am from Montenegro, also. When I applied I got the same answer as Goce Kostovski. It was last year. Four months ago I sent them e-mail asking whether something changed, but I got the same answer "Unfortunately we still do not have a Montenegro Unit". It was four months ago. I don't know if something changed until now. Maybe you should try to send an e-mail and ask 'em directly. Good luck!

  3. Hi!

    I'm from Azerbaijan and have been working as as translator for more than 3 years. Beside Azerbaijani, I speak English and Turkish fluently and Russian normally. Last year I have been to European Parliament on Youth Peace Camp Project, now I'd like to take part in this traineeship as well! This is a great opportunity for my profession.

    Best regards,
    Turkan Devrijova

    1. Dear Arber,

      Candidates need to be nationals of a Member State of the European Union or of a candidate country (Croatia, Iceland, Macedonia, Montenegro or Turkey).

      Mladiinfo team

  4. Dear

    This is, if I may add, a bit strange, I am Bosnian, but my mother tongue is Serb-Croatian upon my nationality at birth which was Yugoslav. Now it is Bosnian, and I know that Bosnia and Herzegovina is not listed in the participant countries, but is it possible still to maybe try? I am a professor of English
    language and literature

    Best regards

    1. Dear Đejlana, the eligible countries are listed above, they will select people not because of their language or nationality but based of their citizenship, if you do not have citizenship/passport of above eligible countries then you are not eligible to apply.

  5. Hello,

    could you please tell me when will be the next application for the training and what is the other period for the training to start.

    thanks a lot

    1. Daniela, its a internship,if you are selected you will spend few months as intern in the parliament and will receive remuneration for this period. its not a job, its a internship, all details are in the above post. In the first sentence it said : Their purpose of this is to enable trainees to supplement the knowledge which they acquired during their studies and to familiarise themselves with the activities of the European Union and, in particular, the European Parliament. If you are not familiar with the term: traineeship/intership please google it.

  6. Hello,
    I am a Serbian citizen , currently ending up second semester in Business School/College. I am employed as a Language Assistant within EU Institution in Kosovo. I dont hold an University degree but I have finished Oxford private college and have Advanced level of English language. I am aupposed to do an internship from March 2013. I would like to know if you have programs like up mentioned one in coming years?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hello B**ANA,

      First please note that Mladiinfo does not have programs, but we only inform about different opportunities. About the information we share, yes some of them will be posted again in the upcoming years – it all depends from the organizers/holders of these programs and if they will have open calls again. Normally, changes in eligibility criteria/deadlines or other information concerning the opportunity are possible.

      Mladiinfo team

      1. Thank you very much for the information.
        I do understand that you are just sharing information which you are given,thus I am asking if you could give me some contact, such as email or website of someone that is in charge and could give me requested information.
        Thank you again!

        1. You can check the official website to which you have the link at the very end of the post. Then, on the site you have a special column for contacts on the right side. Probably you can use those contacts there for any questions which might concern you.

          Best regards

  7. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I would like to ask two questions and would most kindly appreciate your answers:
    1) I am a Croatian citizens, but do not posses Croatian passport. Have a citizenship certificate, but travel on my Bosnian passport, as I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Am I eligible if I do not have a Croatian travel document or ID card?
    2) Is there an age limitation?

    Thank you!

    1. Dear Lucrezia,

      We would like to help you, but we don't have these information. So you might want to direct all your concerns to the contacts which you can probably find on the official website provided for you in the post. Regarding age limit, it was not specified in the post.

      Kind regards,
      Mladiinfo team

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