PhD Programs in Labour Studies, Political Studies and Sociology, Italy

Deadline: 31st July 2012
Open to: International students with a Master’s degree
Scholarship: a number of annual scholarships of approx. 13.000 €


The University of Milan has launched a call for application, based on qualifications and interviews, for admission to the Graduate School in Social and Political Sciences (GSSPS) for the following Ph.D. Programs:

•    Ph.D. in Labour Studies – Coordinator: Prof. Lorenzo Bordogna
•    Ph.D. in Political Studies – Acting Coordinator Prof. Francesco Zucchini
•    Ph.D. in Sociology – Coordinator: Prof. Luisa Leonini

The Graduate School aims at:

• Offering advanced training.
• Promoting inter-disciplinary dialogue in approaches and methods.
• Funding quality research: a number of annual scholarships of approx. 13.000 € will be granted on the basis of merit.
• Fostering internationalization:
– all classes are in English;
– doctoral students are encouraged to spend part of their curriculum in a foreign University;
– institutional links with foreign universities in the US and Europe;
– international seminars held by outstanding sociologists, political scientists and law professors.

Structure of Studies
The first year is devoted to intensive course work.
In the following years students are expected to start and develop their research activity in Milan and in foreign universities and research institutions.
After the completion of the dissertation, students have to defend their thesis in order to be awarded the Ph.D.

For the academic year 2012/2013 the GSSPS will assign a total of 27 places, 14 with scholarship and 13 without scholarship

14 places with scholarships will be assigned as follows:

Ph.D. in Labour Studies – 4 University of Milan scholarships
Ph.D. in Political Studies – 5 University of Milan scholarships
Ph.D. in Sociology – 4 University of Milan scholarships + 1 “Centre for Study and Research on Women and Gender Differences” scholarship funded by “Structural Transformation to Achieve Gender Equality in Sciences – STAGES” – European FP7

13 places without scholarship will be assigned as follows:

Ph.D. in Labour Studies – 4 places without scholarship
Ph.D. in Political Studies – 5 places without scholarship
Ph.D. in Sociology – 4 places without scholarship


Holders of a first degree passed in accordance with the system that applied prior to the entry into force of Italian Ministerial Decree N° 509, dated 30 November 1999 (replaced by Ministerial Decree N° 270, dated 22 October 2004), or of a “laurea magistrale” (master degree), or of an equivalent qualification (Master’s Degree) from a foreign university are eligible to apply for admission to the Graduate School as per the previous article. Applicants who expect to graduate within the date of the first meeting of the Examining Committees
(the meeting is finalized to the evaluation of qualifications) are eligible to apply for admission to the Graduate School.


The scholarships referred to in this announcement are awarded to postgraduate students whose total personal annual income does not exceed €15,000.00 (excluding the proceeds of occasional self-10Area Affari Istituzionali, Internazionali e Formazione
Divisione Formazione Universitaria e Formazione Permanente employment). The scholarship, worth a gross annual total of €13,638,47, is awarded according to order of classification, pursuant to applicable laws and in the manner stipulated therein.


All applicants must present their applications between 18 June, 2012 and no later than 31 July, 2012.
All candidates should make their applications exclusively by internet, via the Sifa ONLINE facility
available on the University’s website

The Official Website 

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