Lean Investments, Software Development Contest

Deadline: 15 July 2012
Open to: Young software engineers from European or North American university and young people who are not software engineers but have an idea for making one.
Prize: 12,500 Euro, three months of office space, six mentoring sessions and introductions to seed an venture-capital investors.


Lean Investments invites talented software engineers and young persons with great idea for a web or mobile app that are from European or North American universities to enter the Lean Investments Summer 2012 App Challenge . Contestants will build an application or service – for iPhone, the web or Android individually or in a team. Unlike other business-plan or pitch competition, where the winner is the person with the best slides or the most persuasive presentation this competition is about building something – a simple and quick prototype – that actually works and is useful. Contestants who plan to return to full-time education after the summer can still enter. In case anyone of them wins, they can work on their app part-time while Lean Investments assemble a team of people to help them take it forward.


Interested contestants should complete the online registration form at http://www.leaninvestments.com/enter. Once registered, Lean Investments will start sending you helpful tips and updates on the contest and also give you access to the official entry form. When your app is built you’ll have to submit it for evaluation and judgement.


The winner gets €12,500 of investment, three months of office space, six mentoring sessions and introductions to three seed and venture-capital investors.

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