Mini Operas/Global Search for Creative Talent, UK

Deadline: 23 July, 2012 (for soundtracks), 24 September, 2012 (for films)
Open to: international
Prize: publication of the successful works


Mini Operas is the English National Opera’s search for new creative talent. ENO is after the most creative, innovative and interesting writers, music makers and film makers out there, whatever their level of experience or knowledge.
Mini Operas is a three-part competition from ENO that aims to find new creative talent for opera.  They are out to find creative and innovative writers, composers and filmmakers. This is a global search/competition, aiming to bring new creative talent into the writing and production of mini operas. Since the competition for script is closed, now they are opening the competition for the best composition and film.


ENO ‘s offer is a global search for new creative talent. That means that all creative, innovative and interesting writers, music makers and film makers, worldwide, regardless of their experience and knowledge are welcome to participate in this competition.  As long as you have a story to tell – whether that’s in words, music or pictures – we want to hear from you, whatever your age, whatever previous experience you have and wherever you live in the world. You can enter as an individual or as a group; it is required that you seek a parent or guardian’s permission to sign up if you’re under 16.


In addition to being a major platform to getting your work seen, at the end of Mini Operas we will select three entrants who we think have special talent and could benefit with close personal help from some of the industry’s best people.  Jeremy Sams, Nico Muhly and Leo Warner have each kindly agreed to mentor one of our three winners for an academic year. You’ll get to discuss and develop your work with one of the most exciting people in your field.


Each of the three competitions will work slightly differently. You’ll be able to submit your entries for the music making and filmmaking competitions on the Mini Operas website.  Our friends over at Soundcloud and Vimeo are giving us a hand with these entries, so you’ll need to create an account at Soundcloud to submit a soundtrack and/or Vimeo for a film, but you’ll be able to do that directly on the website.

The Soundtrack Competition

The best entries from the scriptwriting round are chosen and now it is required form the participants to compose a soundtrack, based on those words. Read the scripts and pick the one that interests you most. Then compose a soundtrack for a 5-7 minute opera based on that story. When it comes to inspiration, anything goes: You can compose anything you like, using any sounds you like.  Your track should be sent via Soundcloud on online form.

Application service 

The deadline for soundtrack application is 23 July, 2012.

The Film Competition

The third and final phase of Mini Operas – filmmaking – will open on 6 August.  On that day the 10 winning soundtracks from the Mini Operas composing competition are  announced, it will finally be the turn of all filmmakers out there. You should pick one of the winning 10 soundtracks and the libretto that inspired it and visualise it. Create an original film of about 5-7 minutes in duration, expressing your chosen soundtrack in the best way you can think of.  That might be live action with actors or it might be animation,  it’s completely up to you.
The application service for films will open on the 6 August.

The deadline for film competition application is 24 September, 2012.
For more information, read here.

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