Master’s Degree Programme in Business Administration University of Bologna, Italy

Deadline: July 2nd, 2012
Open to: international applicants
Scholarship: full and partials scholarships ranging from 10,000 euro to 27,000 euro


Under the terms of Decree no. 270 of 22 October 2012 issued by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, Bologna campus, will run a 1st level Professional Master’s degree programme, in “Business Administration” for academic year 2012-2013. The programme lasts for one year (full time attendance) and is delivered in the English language. The programme awards 66 learning credits (CFU). The programme is run in collaboration and with the organisational support of the Alma Consortium (here in after referred to as the Alma Graduate School). In addition to the teaching activities, other learning activities will be carried out in the field, in Italy or abroad, through internships in businesses or operative research projects. At the end of the internship or project work, participants shall produce a written report on the activities carried out and the results achieved.
The Master’s degree programme is divided into 6 concentrations:
1) Retail in the Banking and Financial Industry
2) Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods
3) Brazil and Europe Business Relations
4) Food and Wine
5) China/Far East and Europe Business Relations;
6) Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses.


The Professional Master’s degree programme  is open to candidates with a degree obtained abroad, whether EU or non-EU citizens and candidates with a degree obtained in Italy, whether EU or non-EU citizens.  It aims to train professionals able to fill managerial positions in companies and develop their skills over time, going on to fill national and international executive management positions. The applicants should fulfill the following criteria:

a)1st or 2 nd level degree or degree under the previous system obtained in Italy;
b) degree obtained abroad deemed appropriate by the Admissions Board, solely for the purposes of admission to the Master’s Programme, equivalent to that listed in point a) of this article. Further requirements:
c) Sound knowledge of the English language;
d) The following conditions must also be satisfied:
1. three years have passed since the award of the degree; or
2. at least two years have passed since the date of graduation and the candidate must have worked for at least one year (12 months), certified by the employer; or ALMA MATER STUDIORUM UNIVERSITY OF BOLOGNA
3. at least two years must have passed since the date of graduation and the candidate must possess an excellent academic curriculum, graduating with top marks or being certified as being in the top 5% of graduate grades of his/her cohort. The qualifications, requirements and above conditions must be satisfied by the date of closure for applications for the window for which candidates are applying. Admissions will not be accepted for candidates who do not satisfy these criteria.


The fee for students enrolling in the Professional Master’s Programme  is 27,000.00. For that reason full (27,000 euro) and partial (10,000 and more euro) are being offered. Reduced fees according to the three bands listed below are available for students awarded positions of merit in the qualifying lists for the two selections.


Candidates must send the following documents to the Master’s Office:

a) an authenticated copy of their qualification;
b) the legalisation of the translated degree certificate;
c) the “dichiarazione di valore” (declaration of value);
d) a copy of the payment receipt of the administrative fee of 60.00 Euros;
e) the signed “summary sheet”;
f) detailed list of exams passed and relative grades;
g) the following qualifications and documents:

i. Application Form indicating the chosen study area;
ii. Curriculum Vitae in English;
iii. Suitable documentation proving any other requirements (see art. 2, numbers 2 and
iv. Letter of motivation in English;
v. Certificate demonstrating knowledge of the English language (TOEFL, IELTS or other). Applicants who are English mother-tongue speakers or are able to certify their attendance at an English language university or work experience in the English language for a period of at least one year are exempt from presenting the above certificate. Any applicants who do not fall into one of the above categories will have their language competence assessed during the individual interview (see article 7 below);
vi. GMAT or GRE certificate and relative grade. Alternatively, those who do not possess such certificate will be permitted to sit a written exam during the selection process (see article 7 below);
vii. Two letters of reference in English (optional);
viii. Copy of ID card or passport;
ix. Passport photo.
To participate in the selection process, candidates must use the AlmaWelcome service. In particular they shall:
a) Go onto the website;
b) if you do not possess an Italian tax ID, click on the “temporary ID” section to create one;
c) register by entering your personal details and details of your qualifications;
You will then receive a username and password, which you will need to:
d) pre-register (enrol in a “new admission test”);
e) pay the fee of 60.00 Euro (non-reimbursable administrative fee) no later than 13:00 hrs
Candidates must send the following documents to The Master’s Office (Via Zamboni 33, 40126 Bologna), by the given deadline.
Moreover, they shall be forwarded in advance by e-mail to both of the following addresses:;
Under no circumstances will be sending of the documentation by email be deemed to replace  the presentation of documents in paper form.

More information about the application process and the scholarship, you can find here.

The deadline is July 2nd, 2012.

The Official Website

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