Danish Summer Courses in Denmark, 2012

Deadline: 28 February 2012
Open to: students enrolled in full-degree programmes in on of the countries and/or institutions mentioned in the eligibility section
Scholarship: 5000 DKK


Students can apply for a scholarship under the Cultural Agreements programme to attend a Danish Summer Language Course. Students do not have to pay for the course itself. The students receive a scholarship of 5000 dkk, which is meant to cover food and accommodation. Depending on the course you choose, you either will have to look for accommodation yourself, or it will provided by the course organizer (if accommodation is provided by the course organizer, it will be deducted from the 5000 dkk scholarship). Any other personal expenses that you have, and your flight ticket from and to Denmark, are at the students’ own expense (the students pay themselves for that).

The list of Danish Summer Courses in 2012.


The summer language course scholarships are available for students enrolled in full-degree programmes in the following countries:

  • Group 1: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Turkey
  •  Group 2: Israel, Russia and the following institution in China (exclusively): Beijing Foreign Studies University, The Danish Department, The Institute of European Language and Culture, Beijing, P.R. China
  • Group 3: Selected institutions in Canada and USA: University of British Columbia, Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies, Vancouver, Canada; Portland State University, Dept. of Foreign lang. and Literature, Portland, OR, USA; University of California, Department of Scandinavian Studies, Berkley, CA, USA; University of Texas at Austin, Department of Germanic Studies, Austin, TX, USA; University of Washington, Scandinavian Department, Seattle, WA, USA; University of Wisconsin, Department. of Scandinavian Studies, Madison, WI, USA; University of California, The Scandinavian Section, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Applications from candidates affiliated with higher education institutions in countries/institutions other than those listed will not be taken into consideration.


  • The applicant is either a bachelor, Master or Ph.D. student.
  • The applicant is not already enrolled at a higher education institution in Denmark.
  • The applicant is nominated by a lecturer who teaches Danish abroad. Lecturers send a list of candidates to the Danish Agency for International Education before the application deadline. If you would like to be recommended by a lecturer, be sure to contact the lecturer before you apply.
  • The applicant studies Danish or Scandinavian languages and literature.
  • The applicant would like to use this course as a preparation for studying in Denmark at a later date.

While the successful candidate does not necessarily need to meet all criteria, an applicant who meets several criteria will have a better standing in the selection process than an applicant who does not.

The Danish Agency for International Education reserves the right to consider the distribution of nationalities in the final selection of candidates for the summer language courses. Previous experience has shown that over-representation of any nationality on the individual course is not desirable.

The application form for Group 1 and 3 can be accessed here.

You can find the application form for Group 2 here.

For more information about the Danish Summer Language Courses, please contact Nelly-Ann Hansen Piton at kulturaftaler@iu.dk

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