Plastic Technologies Award 2012

Deadline: 10 January 2012
Open to: both Italian and/or foreign designers either independent or employed by a company
Prizes: 1st prize €3000 and 6 more Special Manufacturing Prizes of €1000

PROMAPLAST and, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano are holding a competition aimed at selecting innovative projects that maximize the potential of specific plastic material production and transformation technology.  Much plastic material production and transformation technology is largely diffused and is used widely in sedimented product category production.  Every technology offers opportunities which are at times only partially explored and that can be potentially maximized for new or unusual product category production.

The aim of the competition is therefore to promote certain production and transformation technologies and to identify possible improvements and innovations, both for the final user and in the business to business ­field. The projects proposed by candidates must in any case have an innovative value, from a cultural, functional and production application point of view. Specifically the technology categories and their relative product category identified in this competition are shown in the table.  Moreover, since there are continuous innovations in the plastic materials ­field with the introduction of biodegradable materials, there is a sixth point in the competition categories relating to Bio-polymers.

The candidates are called upon to choose one of the six production/transformation technologies and to apply it to one of the related  product categories.

  1. Injection moulding: house appliances, toys, home furniture, ofce furniture, automotive
  2. Extrusion: home furniture, sheeting,roong, landll
  3. Blowmoulding: bottles, containers, home furniture, industrial applications;
  4. Rotational moulding: home furniture, ofce furniture, exterior furniture, sport equipment,
  5. toys, industrial applications;
  6. Recycling: post-consume plastics reuse for household, industrial applications;
  7. Biopolymers: packaging, disposable home furniture.

For further information download here the document about technological categories involved.


Participation is open to both Italian and/or foreign designers either independent or employed by a company as long as they have the authorisation of the latter. Group designer participation is also permitted, but a group leader must be appointed who will be in charge and the sole reference person for, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano. Participation is not permitted to members of the Jury, their relatives, employees of PROMAPLAST and, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano.


The total prize is €9,000 (Euro) that will be divided in the following way:

  1. winner of the competition: prize €3000
  2. winners of the ‘Special Prize Manufacturing’ prizes
  • Injection moulding prize €1000
  • Extrusion prize €1000
  • Blowmoulding prize €1000
  • Rotational moulding prize €1000
  • Recycling prize €1000
  • Biopolymers prize €1000

If there is no short list for the Competition, due to a lack of projects considered suitable, the Jury can divide the prize money between the projects that are worthy of particular recognition at their discretion. The promoter points out that the entire prize money will be divided nevertheless and undertakes not to seek compensation for any (possible) taxes required by law.


The candidates (or groups) are called upon to choose on the six production/transformation technologies and apply it to one of the related product categories in order to develop their projects.

Candidates must submit to before 17.00 on 10th January 2012:

  • Maximum 4 A3 boards: at least one technical board in a suitable scale that illustrates the whole idea and the details;
  • A brief presentation that describes the motivation and the characteristics of the project including the materials and any other useful data

By the same date and by the same time the form, ­filled in correctly with the participant’s data and signed must be delivered in  a non-transparent envelope bearing the wording “Competition Plastic Technologies Award’, the participant’s code, indication of the technology category and product category. For more information on the application procedure download and read the announcement.

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