Youth 4 Youth C:F Change

Deadline: 9 December 2011
Open to:  You should be 18 – 30 years old
Prizes: 5 x fully paid scholarships (2.500 EUR each) for one team member to attend C:F Academy and Summit 2012,Speaking opportunities at prominent events

Youth 4 Youth encourage you to invent and implement tangible impact for the underprivileged youth. Use your creativity and help one or more underprivileged groups of youth, from immigrants to disabled or abandoned. This challenge is beyond any competition so far at C:F. Why? Simply, aren’t you annoyed with so many conferences, gatherings, google hits linked to the world’s most pressing challenges but regardless of good intentions behind it seems that we are all only spending the time on talks and not on actions. Therefore, if you would like to know how each of us can change the world the answer is simple: „just turn your intentions to actions”.


Youth, who are underprivileged, lack the advantages and opportunities that are enjoyed by you and others in our world. They are encouraging you to invent and act for tangible impact – a real improvement – because your idea may change lives of many, from abandoned or disabled children to youth immigrants and refugees.Underprivileged youth are deprived of rights and opportunities in life. Being underprivileged can be caused by many factors including the health, family, situation in a country, or lack of skills, money, education, or societal connections. In cooperation with C:F social entrepreneurship partner Studio Moderna, they challenge you to ignite, create different ideas and to act to help one or more unprivileged categories of youth:
I.Illiterate, Abandoned, and Homeless
II.Diseased and Disabled
III.Refugees, Immigrants, and Minorities

Your Task
Step 1 Get started
Brainstorm different ideas for action. What are you passionate about? What unique ideas, approaches, and resources can you use to change the lives of underprivileged youth? You can also check our selected ideas and resources. Be inspired and envision the action that could make real tangible impacts. This is BEYOND THE COMPETITION, so participating is as important as competing and winning. You can compete:
create your own team or join others, yes, multiple entries are allowed. (If you are a team leader for each of them please just let us help with the 2nd submission),
engage your Chapter,
involve your faculty or school,
motivate your local community,
collaborate with the whole C:F community.
Also, you can join other teams that already submitted their projects; even if you are living in other part of the globe you can act with their idea in your local environment. All such teams will be able to resubmit their ideas with edited impact and edited team members. IMPORTANT – that means that early submissions will have longer promotion period and potentially higher impact, see step No3!

Step 2 – Create an action plan
Once you have decided on your action, think about your target group and how you are helping them. It’s good to plan in advance how you are going to achieve your goal and until when. Envision how your project is relevant and effective.

Step 3 – Inspire others to join you
Always look out for new partners, team members, feedback, and volunteers along the way. You can explore partnership opportunities and promote engagement also through all C:F channels. Submit your ideas as soon as possible and try to inspire others to join. How to do that? Simply submit the draft PPT and write on the front page CALL FOR ACTION.

Step 4 – Get to work. Don’t just invent – implement!
It’s time for action, for putting your ideas into practice. Stay organized and energized, celebrate achievements and motivate those that couldn’t reach the targets. And keep us informed, as we are keen to publish any information about your progress on our C:F social media.

Step 5 – Report your impact and submit presentation
Prepare and post a max 10-slide presentation giving a clear image about your project and achieved impacts:
Requested slides and information:
1. The front slide should contain:
The name of your project:
Team leader:
Impacted underprivileged group of youth:
Number of people in the team:
Volunteering hours spent:
Number of youth impacted:
Period of project/action:

2. Second and third slide should have photos from your team “in action”
3. Slides 4 to 9 should present:
What is your project/action?
What is the target group you are helping and why?
What did you want to achieve and what are the actual results regarding people engaged in the action, volunteering hours invested by the team for project development and implementation, and how many people have been impacted?
How was your action relevant and effective?  What has been the feedback from youth impacted by your action?
Was your action/project innovative? Are there any similar projects/actions already on local or global level? Please describe.
Is there potential to go with this project/action further? Could you bring this idea on regional or even global level?

4.The last slide(s) should contain (if you have more team members, use more slides even if that means more than 10):
Full Name, school (if applicable), and country of each team member.
You are welcome to add any photo, scheme, design, or slide style that you wish. Be creative!
Judging and Evaluation Criteria
1.C:F community will vote for your submission with “thumbs up” from 9-15 December 2011 –  and will be able to post comments.
2.Youth Judges and community will select 20 Finalists, top 5 by community votes and 15 chosen by the Youth Judges.
3.The Judging Panel will select 5 Winners among the 20 Finalists. The Judges will be particularly looking for the following:
a)Quality of the submission – presents most important factors, demonstrates clear structure, showcases depth of thinking and understanding.
b)Impact of the idea – what was the outcome of your idea, which group of people was helped, how much did the team engage.
c)Potential development and scalability – does your idea have potential for development to the next level?

Challenge duration: 29 Sep 11 – 8 Feb 12
Submission: 29 Sep – 9 Dec , 2 PM CET
Community voting: 9 Dec – 15 Dec 2 PM CET
Finalists announced: 16 Dec 2011 2 PM CET
Finals submission: 16 Dec 11 – 23 Jan 12, 2 PM CET
Expert judging: 23 Jan 11 – 6 Feb 12
Winners announced: 8 Feb, 2 PM


  • All team members must be registered on C:F platform and be 18-30 years old. Student status is not required.
  • You can participate individually and/or in the team.
  • The C:F member who submits the idea is recognized as the team leader.
  • Multiple submissions are accepted.


TOP five projects will be awarded with fully paid scholarships for one team member to attend C:F Academy and Summit 2012 in Slovenia. The estimated amount of scholarship is EUR 2.500 (covering travel costs from your international airport, local transport, accommodation, meals and all programs). TOP five teams will get the opportunity to present their project at the C:F Academy and convince the judging panel that they deserve to receive financial support for further development of their project.
Speaking opportunities at prominent events: five winners will get the chance to present their idea in front of all C:F Academy attendees. In addition, one among the winners will have a speaking opportunity at the C:F Summit public conference “Towards Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Future” alongside prominent experts and business leaders.  That’s not all; up to 3 among the winners might be selected to speak at TEDxChange in Ljubljana in 2012.
The Future Books for Change makers! All twenty finalist teams will receive up to three copies of The Future Book (subject to the number of team members).

Studio Moderna is going to have a special prize for the team that implements the best project about Roma in the Youth 4 youth. especially coming from Balkan countries or countries that are working on Roma issues. The prize will consist in getting the entire team to the Studio Moderna Charity Social Responsibility and Philantrophy event that will be in Spring 2012 in Bled (all costs covered).

How to apply

You can apply online.

The Official Website

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