The Henry Moore Foundation Grants

Deadline: 16 November 2011
Open to: Oganisations and individuals of which main focus is sculpture art and its preservation
Grant: Starting from £5,000 up to £30,000 per year


The Henry Moore Foundation was established in 1977 “to advance the education of the public by the promotion of their appreciation of the fine arts and in particular the works of Henry Moore”. It concentrates its support on sculpture. These aims are achieved through specific projects initiated by the Foundation and by giving grant aid to primarily not-for-profit organisations. An encouragement of the public appreciation of visual art, particularly sculpture is the main goal of the grant. The general aim is to promote sculpture, in exhibitions, collections and for research. Research into sculpture is important to the foundation, as it was implicit in the founding of the Henry Moore Institute, and it runs through foundation’s thinking when allocating grants.


There are 6 categories in which you can apply for a grant.

NEW PROJECTS:  this includes exhibitions, exhibition catalogues and commissions. Foundation aims to be flexible but as a guideline, grants will be awarded as follows, up to a maximum of:

  • £20,000: for a large museum exhibition
  • £10,000: for an exhibition catalogue
  • £30,000: for a commission

COLLECTIONS:  This category of minor capital grants is intended to help public institutions acquire, display and conserve sculpture. The maximum sums available will be in the region of £15,000 (acquisition), £20,000 (display and/or conservation).

LONG-TERM RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT:  The purpose of this category is to assist sculptural projects that require funding for more than one year, whether creative (e.g. a contemporary commission), academic (e.g. a permanent collection catalogue) or practical (e.g. a conservation project).  Maximum sums awarded will be £20,000 per annum.

  The Foundation awards grants worth up to £6,000 to artists supported by host institutions, for residencies or fellowships between 2-6 months.  The number of residencies or fellowships awarded will depend on the resources available in any year.

CONFERENCES, LECTURES AND PUBLICATIONS:  sums of up to £5,000 will be available for this category.  A publication might be a book or a journal but not an exhibition catalogue or a permanent collection catalogue.  If applying for a grant towards a publication, please specify within the application, how and where the publication will be distributed.

POST-DOCTORAL RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS: The Henry Moore Foundation supports post-doctoral researchers through a limited number of two-year grants.

In order to read grants’ Terms and Conditions, please click here.


  • The Foundation’s grants programme is focussed on specific objectives. It is the Trustees’ policy to support sculpture, including projects and exhibitions which expand the definition of sculpture, such as film, photography and performance.  Foundation does not support projects dedicated to painting.
  • Individual artists, fellows or NGOs which main concern is scupture art and its preservation and promotion
  • The key criterion is artistic quality; practical viability is also important.
  • Projects in the UK may include the work of artists from any country.
  • Overseas projects must contain a British component, e.g. a British artist.
  • Applications from individuals will only be accepted for the Fellowships category of grant, in conjunction with appropriate institutions.
  • The Foundation does not normally provide revenue expenditure.

How to apply?

Applications are considered at quarterly meetings of the Foundation’s Grants Committee, which makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The Grants Committee will meet on (deadlines for applications are the dates in the brackets):

6 April 2011 (18 February) 
5 July 2011 (13 May)
19 October 2011 (31 August)
25 January 2012 (16 November 2011) 

Please complete the application form which can be downloaded here and send it to no later than 16 November 2011.
Applications and all enquiries relating to grants should be sent to the address below. Applications should be posted. A copy can also be sent by email.  If your application is successful then, the Terms and Conditions of the Grant will be sent to you with your award letter. In the case you are successful with your grant proposal and you will get a grant, please follow this link to see what to do next.


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The Henry Moore Foundation
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Much Hadham
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