Mladiinfo Network Coordinator

Deadline: 12 August 2011
Open to: Motivated young people from Macedonia

You will play a central role when it comes to coordination within the Mladiinfo network. You would be someone that takes the role of guiding, supporting and recruiting new country representatives and branches organizations from other countries.
You are the person that will coordinate the activities, projects and events among the Mladiinfo network organizations in this moment ( Macedonia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Montenegro). A person that can keep the motivation up and from who the enthusiasm spreads smoothly.

What you will be doing

  • Coordinate the introduction of new potential country representatives .
  • Keep a database with contact information and ‘capabilities’ of all (possible) Mladiinfo branches and update it frequently.
  • Search if there are any open calls for projects that would fit the branches and country representatives and try to direct them to it.
  • Make sure that the country representatives can do their jobs well and don’t take the wait to see their attitude. Instead, take steps where possible to inform and guide them. (Guiding)
  • Serve as a connection point between Mladiinfo branches- different task-forces, keep them up to date for the Network work progress in general as well as for the network’s necessities.
  • If anyone is looking for partners/support you should be the detective who finds them or at least opens the hunt. (Recruiting)
  • Promote measures aimed to express the appreciation for the efforts from country representatives, so they stay motivated (Supporting)
  • In summary: You would be the Mladiinfo Network coordinator of all activates, events, projects based in Macedonia.

  What can we offer? (the position is unpaid)

  • If you become a Mladiinfo Network coordinator, you will go on all events of the network for free
  • You will travel to Slovakia, Bulgaria and Montenegro often in 2011 and 2012 for free
  • You will have your Coordination desk ( PC and supporting equipment) in Mladiinfo office in Macedonia
  • You get to work on a challenging, international platform which will stand out on your resume.
  • You work with a friendly team of people who put their heart in the project and will embrace you as one of them
  • If you are a Mladiinfo Network coordinator and work more than 20 hours a week after three months on the project a fair compensation in money is possible.

Do you recognize yourself in this and are you interested in this position? Please respond to this discussion and introduce yourself! We are looking forward to meet you and schedule a meeting with you to discuss further details and to get to know you a bit better!
If you are motivated for this position and if you come from Macedonia, send your CV and Motivation letter up to August 12th on with SUBJECT: Mladiinfo Network coordinator.

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