Why fraternities and sororities?

Author: Ivan Shindev

As we walk the path of life we are involved in interactions that shape our personality. Personality that will not only make us who we are, but it will also affect everyone around us. Some people would say that we learn throughout our whole life, but from my point of view our brain is shaped while we are in college. After college we have too much on our mind to try and change who we have become. In the first two years of college almost everybody is interested only in social life. But as we get closer to graduation, professional involvement seems necessary and inevitable.

I am a transfer student at The University of South Florida and this is the place that has been shaping my brain for the past year. In the first week of classes I got an email telling me that I am eligible to rush the National Co-Ed honors fraternity Phi Sigma Pi. (read more about Rush here) Since I did not know anyone at that time, I decided that this will be a good chance to meet people and get involved. As I rushed Phi Sigma Pi I realized that the brothers in the fraternity are one big family. I attended events and slowly integrated into their life. It was not just about the social aspect, but also about the tripod of the fraternity: scholarship, leadership and fellowship. Since I became a brother, I have experienced that tripod, and I now realize that rushing Phi Sigma Pi was the best choice I have made in my life. But it is not only Phi Sigma Pi, there are dozens of other fraternities, sororities and other non Greek organizations[1] on campus all striving to bring together groups of people that share the same interests.

Most of these fraternities and sororities have houses on campus, and they are fully supported by the university. These different types of Greek and non-Greek organizations are the main force in the university. They are responsible for organizing and participating in different types of community service and social events. As a part of these organizations students can take different types of leadership positions that will help them in their professional life. The strongest part about the Greek organizations is that they are nation-wide. This means that you have brothers/sisters in almost every university in almost every state in the USA. There is also a great number of Alumni brothers/sisters that stay involved after graduation, which shows that you are a brother/sister for life.

To get more than 30 best friends in less than one semester is the best feeling in the world. It helped me professionally and mentally and also, it allowed me to become a better person. Let us not underestimate the power of social interaction, as even in a professional environment friendship is highly appreciated. Here is what my Brother Torie Doll has to say about the overall experience of being part in an honorary fraternity:

“I never thought that I would join any kind of Greek organization, but the moment I walked into the informative meeting for Phi Sigma Pi, National Co-Ed Honor Fraternity, I felt like I belonged there. Now in my first semester as a Brother, I look back and see that rushing for Phi Sigma Pi was one of the best choices I could have made for my life. I have met some of my best friends through the Fraternity and I love that my after school life is a lot busier than it use to be. Phi Sigma Pi has changed my life and I’m so glad it did.“

In brief, every university should strive to implement Greek organizations as part of their student life. As stated on the USF Fraternity and Sorority Life website: “Fraternity and Sorority Life will be the community of first choice at the University of South Florida and will holistically develop individuals that are contributors to the global society and engage the university for life.”[2]

[1]Editor’s note: fraternities or sororities named after Greek alphabet such as Phi, Sigma, Beta etc. are usually referred to as “Greek” organizations.

[2] Cited from: “Fraternity and Sorority Life.” http://usfgreeklife.com/page.php?page_id=15368, 18 Nov. 2010.


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  1. A very nice and descriptive on fraternities and sororities narrative. I absolutely agree with you Ivan that those type of community brings so much fun to its members and so helpful and useful for a community.

    Keep it up! Wish you luck in your ongoing and future activities! Say hi to Florida from me as I miss it there very much 🙂

  2. Hi ShannonI’ve been tracking your blog & eyonjing your tweets.Love the Barter Babes concepts & curious re: your group rates might like to host some financial-planning sessions here at our studio (where we normally teach DIY workshops & sometimes small biz seminars).I’m also wondering, if you’re still bartering or if you’re all booked up & finito with trading your services as of the end of 2011.Please let me know & kudos for pulling off such a cool year of swapping adventures & authentic, big-hearted sharing of your brainy tips I think you’ve inspired a lot of people.Bye for now,Nathalie-Roze :]

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