Global Investigative Journalism Conference, Ukraine

Deadline: 10 August 2011
Open to: journalists
Dates and Venue: 13 – 16 October 2011, Kyiv, Ukraine
Costs: scholarships available for covering all/partial costs

The Global Investigative Journalism Conference

13 – 16 October 2011,
Kyiv, Ukraine

The Global Conference for Investigative Journalism (GIJC) and the Global Network of Investigative Journalists (GIJN) provide investigative journalists with the opportunity to systematically exchange information and experience, to connect with journalists and editors in other countries to jointly cope with the work in the context of globalization and to promote development of independent non-profit centers for investigative journalism around the world.

The major theme of the conference will be WikiLeaks and its relationship to investigative reporting.

Speakers include Daniel Domscheidt-Berg, who worked with WikiLeaks from the start, but broke with Julian Aassange, Marcel Rosenbach from Der Spiegel etc. You may find a full list of speakers here.


GIJC 2011 has funds for scholarships for colleagues who would otherwise not be able to participate in the Global Conference in Kyiv. In some cases GIJC will be able to cover all your costs, in other cases GIJC will only contribute.

About your budget:
Most important are the travelling costs in your own country and to Kyiv and back.

Application Process

Because of visa procedures you have to apply before the 10th of August 2011.

To apply, please download this form (right-click and select “Save file as…”, fill it in, and email it to
It’s a Word doc., so please open it and write in the form. Keep it short!

If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask (in both English and Russian), either through this form or by mailing

The official webpage.

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