Summer School of Theoretical Physics for PhD Students, Germany

Deadline: 30 June 2011
Open to: PhD students in Theoretical Physics
Duration and location: 29 August – 09 September 2011, Wolfersdorf, Thüringen, Germany
Costs: 150 Euro school fee, travel expenses; food and accommodation are covered

The purpose of the

Summer School for Graduate Students (Doktorandenschule Saalburg) “Foundations and New Methods in Theoretical Physics”

29 August – 09 September 2011,
Wolfersdorf, Thüringen

is to get acquainted with new research topics and methods.

The idea is to learn the basics of relatively new research areas relevant to modern theoretical physics, formal as well as phenomenological. This is important especially for soon-to-be postdocs who need to broaden their view and skills in order to be competitive and versatile in changing collaborations. The aim of the school is to provide first hands-on experience with those topics. Accordingly, special emphasis is given to exercises in small groups, complementing three hours of morning lectures. In the afternoon, the lecturers will guide the students through a set of exemplary problems, which illustrate and expand on the main points of the lectures. The atmosphere will be informal, and lively discussion is encouraged.


PhD students in Theoretical Physics; up to 30 students may participate


Cost for students: travel expenses plus 150 Euro school fee; food and lodging are covered funded

Application Process

Deadline: 30 June 2011

How: By electronic application here.

The official webpage.

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