IPYL Internship, Palestina

Deadline: ongoing
Open to: for young students from all over the world
Duration: not stated

About IPYL

The International Palestinian Youth League (IPYL) is an independent non-governmental, non partisan, non religious secular organisation based in Hebron. IPYL was founded in May 1997 by a cross-section of Palestinian youth activists. IPYL’s mission is to empower youth aged 15-35 against social, economical, and political challenges in Palestinian society, which the Israeli occupation has aggravated. As a result of this, Palestinian youth have been denied educational opportunities, sites for cultural activities, and community development resources. IPYL woks on creating core of young community leaders who will act as active citizens taking their responsibilities towards the community development and needs.

About Internship

IPYL provides opportunities for young students from all over the world and Palestine to spend their required practical internship in different organizations in Palestine. There are numerous fields of work available to meet the interests of the student as well as the requirements of the university. Some examples: Children, women, people with disabilities, informal education, research, peace, conflict resolution, democracy and human rights, refugees and minorities, media and ICT.

In addition to matching the student with the local NGO, IPYL supervises the performance of the students while in their projects, provide social and mental support to them, and facilitates their daily life through integration programs. IPYL also conducts a final evaluation and drafts final reports to the sending university on the experience of the student and his/her achievements while in the country.

How to Apply

Interested students can contact us at ltv@ipyl.org and must support their request by documents from their universities.


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