Malta Government Arts Scholarships

Deadline: 29 April 2011
Open to: talented Maltese citizens, national of EU/EEA states with permanent residence in Malta, third country nationals with a long-term residence status willing to study arts in Malta
Scholarships: for other than Postgraduate studies: €30,000 + €4,000/year maintenance grant; for Postgraduate studies: €40,000 + €5,000/year maintenance grant for the whole duration of studies

Aims and Objectives

The Arts Scholarships Scheme shall have the following aims and objectives:
1. the Arts Scholarship scheme aims at providing more opportunities to promote specialisation in the arts, including performance, music, dance, design, creative writing, film and the visual arts or any combination there of;
2. these scholarships are intended to support individuals who are exceptionally talented in
any field of the arts so that one is able to pursue a programme of studies leading to a specialised level in the arts.


In order to apply for an Arts Scholarship, an Applicant should:
1. be a Maltese citizen who has been residing in Malta for the past five (5) years.
Provided that for the purposes of calculating this five (5) year requirement, consideration shall not be given to such period of time during which such Maltese citizen has been residing outside Malta for study, health or work purposes or any other purpose which the ASSB may consider, or
2. be a Maltese Citizen who is a worker or self-employed person in Malta, or
3. be a national of an EU/EEA state or a family member of such EU/EEA national provided that such person has obtained permanent residence in Malta, or
4. be a national of an EU/EEA state who is in Malta exercising his/her Treaty rights as a worker, self-employed person or person retaining such status in; or
5. be a third country national who has been granted long-term residence status
6. be applying for a programme of studies leading to a specialised level in the arts.
Not already in a programme of studies of the same level as that applied for, on 1 January 2011 or earlier.  Furthermore, Applicants whose courses have started prior to 1 January 2011 are not eligible to apply for the Scholarship.
7.  Applicants must commence the approved programme of studies by 30th June, 2012

Types of Scholarships, Tenure and Placement

1. The scheme supports specialised programmes of studies in any discipline of the arts.  This programme of studies shall lead to a qualification and may (but not necessarily) lead to a Undergraduate Diploma, First Degree, a Joint Degree or a Postgraduate qualification.
2. The programme of studies has to take place in a Recognised Institution and shall be a
Recognised Programme of Studies
3. Recognised Programme of Studies selected shall be on a full-time basis only.
4. Programmes of studies selected shall be of duration of not less than one (1) academic year being not less than nine (9) calendar months and not exceeding forty eight (48) calendar months.
5. Applicants should have at least one unconditional acceptance in writing from a Recognised Institution to follow a Recognised Programme of Studies. The last day of submission of the original unconditional acceptance letter shall be noon (CET) of 29th July, 2011.
6. If the Applicant is required to attend for an audition, interview or any other test before an unconditional letter of acceptance is issued, it is the responsibility of the Applicant to fund his/her own audition or interview or test provided  that such amounts shall not be reimbursable as part of the Scholarship


1. For full-time Programmes of Studies other than those leading to a Postgraduate Qualification, the value of the Scholarship shall not exceed thirty thousand euro (€30,000) for the whole duration of the programme.
1.1 A Maintenance Grant of a maximum of four thousand euro (€4,000) per annum is paid to the Awardee, provided that the sum paid for Tuition Fees and Maintenance Grants for the whole duration of the Programme of Studies shall not exceed thirty thousand euro (€30,000).

2. For Postgraduate full-time programmes, the value of the scholarship grant shall not exceed forty thousand euro (€40,000) for the whole duration of the course.
2.1 A Maintenance Grant of a maximum of five thousand euro (€5,000) per annum is paid, provided that the sum paid for Tuition Fees and Maintenance Grants for the whole duration of the course does not exceed forty thousand euro (€40,000).

Application Process

The application deadline is 29th April, 2011, at noon (CET).

Applicants with exceptional talent in the field of the arts are invited to apply using the appropriate application form.

Applicants shall submit their completed written/typed application to the ASSB – Arts Scholarships Selection Board – together with the following:
1. one (1) copy of the applicant’s identity card (where applicable);
2. seven (7) copies of the applicant’s University/College transcripts (where applicable);
3. one (1) copy of the letter of unconditional acceptance from the Recognised Institution applied for;
4. one (1) copy of MQRIC evaluation report (where applicable);
5. seven (7) copies of portfolios in the form of CDs, showing proof of three (3) different representative past artistic achievements of the Applicant.
6. Seven (7) copies of a profile report as per sample attached with the Application Form.
7. Any other documentation (seven [7] copies) which may assist the ASSB to assess better the Applicant’s artistic merit.
8. Signed Declaration by the Parents/Guardians if Applicant is under the age of 18 on 29 April, 2011.

Standard Letters of Reference by three different artistic referees are being requested.
These references are to be sent by the Applicants to their respective referees of their choice, who in turn are requested to send the completed form (and any other reference letter they may wish to submit), in a sealed envelope to:
The Administrator
Directorate for Lifelong Learning
Rm. 327, Directorates for Education
Floriana FRN 1810, Malta
Applicants are to ensure that referees send these forms by 29th April 2011.

All Applications for Scholarships (together with all the supporting documents) by students are required to arrive at the:
Customer Care Office
Directorates for Education
Great Siege Road,

For further queries and information please contact:
Tel. No.: (+356) 2598 2816
Fax: (+356) 2598 2123

The official webpage.

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