Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Deadline: 27 May 2011
Open to: film authors and producers
Award: best film 25,000 Euro, best short film 3,000 Euro

Sarajevo Film Festival is an international film festival, it has the specific aim of promoting and aiding the development of regional cinematography and authors, as its main goal is o act as the main meeting point where international and regional cinema converge in a spirit of cooperation and cultural exchange through the presentation of the finest and most recent achievements in world cinema.

All interested in participating can submit their entries in the following programs:
* Competition Program – Feature Film
* Competition Program – Short Film
* Competition Program – Documentary Film
* New Currents
* New Currents – Shorts
* Children’s Program
* TeenArena


The Competition Program – Feature Film, Competition Program – Short Film and Competition Program – Documentary Film are a showcase for the presentation and promotion of films from Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and UNMI Kosovo.
The Sarajevo Film Festival New Currents Program, the New Currents Short Program, the Children’s Program and TeenArena Program are open to international unsolicited film submissions.


Read the complete regulations about the festival, click on the “I herby agree to the Sarajevo Film Festival’s Rules and Regulations and Pre-Selection Conditions.” box and start your application.

Please send your film submission to:

Obala Art Centar
Sarajevo Film Festival
Zelenih beretki 12/1
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel: +387 33 221 516 or +387 33 209 411
Fax:  +387 33 263 381


* A duly completed online entry form;
* A copy of the film on DVD, labelled with the film’s title, director’s name, length, format and subtitling (if the film’s original language is other than English, the Festival requires receiving English subtitles);
* Synopsis of the film in English;
* Biography, filmography and director’s photo;
* Full cast and credit list;
* Press book or relevant publicity;
* One or more stills from the film;
* Dialogue list in English or Spotting list in English;
* Film Clips / Trailer on DVD;
* Poster of the film in electronic form

Film selected for Competition Programme must further include:
* Photos of the leading actor/actress;
* Leading actor/actress biography and filmography;
* List of cast and crew members attending the Festival;


Members of the Competition Program Feature Film Jury shall grant the following Heart of Sarajevo Awards:
* Best Film  25,000 Euro
* Special Jury Prize 10,000 Euro
* Best Actress Award   2,500 Euro
* Best Actor Award   2,500 Euro

Members of the Competition Program Short Film Jury shall grant the following Heart of Sarajevo awards:
* Best Short Film  3,000 Euro
* Special Mention of the Jury
* Special Mention of the Jury

Members of the Competition Program Documentary Film Jury shall grant the following Heart of Sarajevo Award:
* Best Documentary Film 3,000 Euro


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