University of Westminster Scholarships, UK

Deadline: 1 April/varies, usually 31 May 2011
Open to: prospective students of the University of
Scholarship: £6,000/£12,000 over three years for undergraduates, various for postgraduates

Undergraduate Scholarships for UK/EU Students

The University has a generous scholarship scheme for UK/EU students.

* Gold level scholarships are worth £12,000 over three years
* Silver scholarships are worth £6,000 over three years.

All scholarships will be paid as tuition fee costs, except in cases where the award exceeds the cost of the fees, where the excess will be paid as a cheque. All cheques will be made available in January 2012.

The scholarship is guaranteed for the first year, but subject to satisfactory academic progress for subsequent years. For Gold level scholarships, the student must maintain at least a 60 per cent average to receive the scholarship the following year. For Silver level scholarships, the student must maintain at least a 55 per cent average to receive the scholarship the following year. The average is calculated at the end of year one by discounting the student’s highest and lowest mark, and averaging the six remaining marks. At the end of year two, the average is calculated by averaging all eight marks.

The scholarships are for any undergraduate course in the University. These are open to all applicants. For half of the available scholarships, priority will be given to you if you are from our associate and partner colleges and schools.

Typically, a Gold level scholarship is set at three As at A Level, or equivalent qualification, and Silver level is set at three Bs at A Level, or equivalent qualification. Please note this academic criterion is not absolute, and other factors such as financial need, difficulties overcome, being the first in your family to attend university and your supporting statement will be taken into consideration. The average entry qualifications for particular courses will also be a consideration.

Postgraduate Scholarships

For more info on postgraduate scholarships click here.

Application Process

Important points

1. Apply for scholarships only after you have been offered a place (conditional or unconditional) on a course at the University of Westminster.
2. Please do not apply if you have already enrolled or begun a course of study at the University of Westminster.
3. Read the information on individual scholarships carefully and ensure that you only apply for ones that you are eligible for and meet the criteria of. For example, do not apply for the Vietnam Scholarship unless you are from Vietnam.
4. Photocopy the application form at the back of our scholarships brochure or print the form from our website.
5. Use the same application form when applying for more than one scholarship.
6. Attach the relevant papers only and keep your supporting documents to a minimum. The quantity of documents sent does not give any advantage.
7. Attach translations where supporting documents are in any other language but English.
8. Word process the application as far as possible. If handwriting the application, please ensure it is written clearly and in block letters. Illegible applications will be considered ineligible.
9. Keep your application concise.  If we ask for 400 words we mean it, as it is a test of how you can marshal your argument concisely.  Exceeding the limit will greatly reduce your chances of an award.
10. Unless you are applying for a specific scholarship, just tell us what level of support you require e.g., fees only, fees and accommodation etc and we will match the scholarship to your needs where possible.
11. Provide us with a valid email address. The University and its Scholarships Committee is not responsible for opportunities missed because of an invalid email address.
12. Only send copies of your academic transcript as we will not be able to return any original documentation sent.
13. It is acceptable for your university to send transcripts to us directly, but we will not be able to return them to you at any stage.
14. If, as an international student, you are already in the U.K. please explain why.

Deadline: 1 April 2011 and different according to the programme

Please note courses in the School of media, Arts and Design have a later deadline of 21 April 2011.

Undergraduate Application form: PDF/Word
Postgraduate Application form: PDF/Word

The scholarships procedure is a separate procedure. Therefore, please make sure that you send in a separate application to the Scholarships Office accompanied with:

* A copy of your results achieved so far in your most recent/current academic study (eg As/A Level, access course or BTEC results achieved so far)
* A reference letter for your scholarship application>
* A copy of your offer letter or UCAS confirmation letter
* Your statement of support (this is Section B of the application form)
* A copy of your IELTS/TOEFL result. These are English language qualifications, and you are only required to submit this if you are an international or European applicant living overseas.

Please attach all supporting documentation and submit by the deadline to the following address:

Scholarships Office
University of Westminster
Cavendish House
101 New Cavendish Street
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 7911 5000 ext 66257/66258

The official webpage.

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