Slovenian Government Scholarships

Deadline: 30 April 2011
Open to: foreign undergraduate or postgraduate students from the countries below
Scholarship: € 230/month for undergraduates, € 253/month for postgraduates, accommodation, basic medical insurance

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia again announces a limited number of scholarships for the academic year 2011 / 12 (1. 10. 2011 till 30. 9. 2012).

The majority of scholarships are reserved for the citizens of the countries with which a bilateral agreement/programme on scholarship exchanges (quotas) has been signed with: Belgium – Flanders, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Montenegro, Poland, PR of China, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Switzerland and Turkey.

A limited number of scholarship months is reserved also for the candidates from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia and Serbia.

The scholarships are open to foreign students who wish to come to Slovenia as an exchange student. The main purpose of the scholarship scheme is to support foreign students who wish to undertake a part of their study (undergraduate or postgraduate) on the individual basis under the supervision of Slovenian lecturer.

Priority will be given:
1. to citizens of the countries that have bilateral agreement with the  Republic of Slovenia;
2. to citizens of countries where the principle of the reciprocity exists (direct exchange of government scholarships);
3. to postgraduate students.

Study Period and Fields of Study

The duration of an individual scholarship can be up to 10 months. Minimum duration is 3 months.
The scholarship can be awarded for any field of study offered by the Slovene higher education institutions.


The scholarship covers:
accommodation in the facilities of the Student Centre of the Universities if the student requires it (paid for by the Ministry directly);
basic medical insurance for time being in Slovenia as an exchange student and  for non-EU students if there is no bilateral agreement on health insurance between the Republic of Slovenia and the applicant’s home country (paid for directly by the Ministry);

A) Undergraduate Students      € 230/month
B) Postgraduates               € 253/month

Application Procedure

The scholarship can only be awarded if the Letter of acceptance addressed to the applicants name from the Slovenian higher education institution and a Letter of confirmation addressed to the applicants name from the home higher education institution have been enclosed to the application. You may find the list of all eligible higher institutions in Slovenia here.

Letter of acceptance 2011-2012
Application form 2011/12

The candidates should address themselves to the authorities of their country that are competent to collect the applications and to select and recommend candidatures.

The list of nominated candidates of the competent authority of each country, together with complete application form in three (3) copies (one original and 2 copies) with accompanying annexes (motivation letter, copies of diploma(s) or school-leaving certificate, letters of recommendation from two different professors from home institution, copy of applicant’s passport, letter of confirmation addressed to the applicants name from the home higher education institution) have to be sent to the Slovenian National Agency  – CMEPIUS.

DEADLINE: April 30, 2011 (per post-mark)

Ob zeleznici 16
SI – 1000 Ljubljana

More information here.

The official webpage.

18 thoughts on “Slovenian Government Scholarships

    1. Dear Niragire,

      Please note that Mladiinfo does not give scholarships or any financial support, but only informs about different opportunities. Click on the direct link to the official page above to apply for the program.

      There are other scholarships where your country might be among eligible countries.

      Good luck with finding and applying.



    1. Anastasija,

      "The candidates should speak Slovene or the working language agreed upon with the mentor/supervisor." I therefore encourage you to write to your chosen university/or the mentor and arrange the language of instruction with them.



  1. Im an MD, graduated and have my medical licence from recently. Not on specialization and not taking any postgraduate studies (no more postgraduate studies on Medical faculty from last year).
    Want to know if i can apply for this scholarship?
    Thanx in advance.
    Regards, Svetle.

    1. Dear, Ann,

      in case of all government scholarships, a competent authority for the given country is always the Embassy, in this case the Embassy of Slovenia in Poland. So, you should contact the Embassy as your first step.




  2. Hi,

    I am from Macedonia and I am interested in applying for the scholarship.

    As a can see from Ljupka's question, you are saying that competent authoritie for Macedonia is The Slovenian Embassy in Skopje. Does that mean that I have to address my aplication to the Slovenian Embassy, because as I can see from the SUBMISSION OF THE APPLICATION it says:

    "The candidates should address themselves to the authorities of their country that are competent to collect the applications and to select and recommend candidatures."

    It is a bit confusing, because there isn't an open call from the Slovenian Embassy nor from the Macedoian Ministry of Education, so I don't know where to address my aplication.

    I am waiting for your response.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi, Viktor,

      as far as I know, all the government scholarships are administered by the respective embassies, as they are usually responsible for nomination and sending all the application documents to their Ministries of Education – so, you should address yourself to the Slovenian Embassy in Skopje.

      (how they will handle the documents, I am not sure – sometimes they send it to the local Ministry of Education, sometimes directly to the Ministry of Education abroad).

      Hope that helped.



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