Video Art Festival Miden, Greece

Deadline: 10 March 2011
Open to: anyone interested, video artists and creators
Dates and Venue: July 2011, Kalamata, Greece
Prize: not stated

Video Art Festival Miden invites all video artists and video creators to participate in this year’s events, which will take place, like the past years, in public spaces at the Historic Centre of the city of Kalamata, Greece, in July 2011.

The festival call is open to every creator (individuals, groups or organizations) of any nationality and background.


The proposed video can be of any genre (video art, experimental video, animation, short movie etc.). Duration under 10 min.

In its 7th realization, along with the main program, Festival Miden wishes to present the following additional special showcases:

– a special theme program entitled “LOL”
– a special theme program entitled “This is war”
– a special theme program entitled “Trauma”
– a special theme program entitled “Hyperform”, specially for makers who work in performing arts (performance, dance, theatre, alternative actions) and make videos.

Festival Miden also invites artists and creators who come from, have lived or have any kind of love-hate relationship with the city Kalamata (GR) to submit works for a theme program entitled “Local Calling!”. Our aim is to create a communication network between artists that are connected or related to Kalamata (the birth city of the festival) in any way.


Accepted formats (preferably PAL copies):
-uncompressed movie files .avi or .mov (data DVD or CD)

(Attention: Please avoid attaching stickers on the surface of the DVD/CD)

How to enter

* Creators can send one or several proposals, filling in a separate entry form for each video.
* Please indicate on your application whether you are applying for one of the special showcases mentioned above.
* Send the videos (screening copies):

1. by traditional post, (along with the filled, printed and signed entry form) to the following address:

Festival Miden,
Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos,
Pindarou 40,
24100, Kalamata, Greece

2. alternatively, via any free upload/download service or via your personal website\

How to Enter

Whatever way you choose to send the videos, you will also have to send the filled entry form in a Word file format, along with a still image or a photograph for each video (tiff or jpg, 800x600pixels, 72 dpi) to the following e-mail address:

* Please mark on all copies (DVD, CD) the author’s name and the title, year of production and duration of the video. Please avoid attaching stickers on the surface of the DVD/CDs.

* Remember to mark on all dispatches: “FOR TEMPORARY CULTURAL PURPOSE-NO COMMERCIAL VALUE”

* The festival takes no responsibility for loss or damage during transportation.

* Please do not send masters. Copies and any other material you send will not be returned, they will remain in the festival’s archive.

* Festival Miden does not send printed material (poster, program etc.) to participant artists. Electronic material will be posted on the festival’s website.

The official website.

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