European College of Liberal Arts, Berlin

Deadline: 15 April 2011
Open to: young people interested in liberal education, history, literature, philosophy and visual arts
Scholarship: full merit scholarships for especially promising applicants


European College of Liberal Art (ECLA), Berlin is now inviting applications for the 2011-2012 academic year. Applicants can choose between two one-year programmes (Academy Year and Project Year), and a four-year bachelor’s programme that culminates in a BA in Value Studies degree.

ECLA is a college without departments, where students work with faculty from different backgrounds on moral, political, epistemic, religious, and aesthetic questions, with the understanding that such questions are deeply connected. The B.A. programme is designed for students with a strong theoretical bent, who want to combine their pursuit of special interests with a demanding studium generale.

Available areas of concentration are Art and Aesthetics, Ethics and Political Theory, and Literature and Rhetoric. The programme provides good preparation for continued study in fields such as philosophy, literature, political theory, and art history; and excellent support for students interested in careers in politics, organizational work, public policy, law, journalism, or the art world.

Who Can Apply

ECLA welcomes applications from students who show a genuine commitment to a liberal education, academic promise, high motivation, a readiness to engage in themes relating to history, literature, philosophy and the visual arts, and strong extracurricular interests that they are willing to share. All successful applicants also demonstrate an ability in English which will allow them to participate fully in seminar discussions and writing assignments.

ECLA’s student body is diverse in the range of cultures represented and in the breadth of educational backgrounds. Applicants must have a secondary school diploma, but we also welcome applicants in any stage of an undergraduate programme and from any field of study. There are no prescribed courses that an applicant must have taken.

Scholarship/Financial Aid

All candidates can apply for financial aid. ECLA offers financial assistance up to the full amount of the programme’s cost, depending on the means of the individual student. The comprehensive fee covers tuition, accommodation in student housing, all meals during the academic terms, books on loan, study trips,and emergency medical insurance.

Each year ECLA offers a limited number of merit scholarships not dependent on financial need to BA students with exceptionally promising applications. This Endeavor Scholarship, named after the Endeavor Foundation in New York, covers the full comprehensive fee for one academic year. The comprehensive fee covers tuition, accommodation in student housing, all meals during the academic terms, books on loan, and emergency medical insurance. In addition, Endeavour Scholars receive a free copy of all major core course books used in the relevant year.

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