Greek Government Scholarship

Deadline: 31 March 2011
Open to: citizens (undergraduate or graduate) of countries from list below
Scholarship: monthly allowance: 500€ EUR

Scholarships are granted by Hellenic Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs to foreign nationals who wish to attend undergraduate or postgraduate studies or conduct a study study in Greek Universities or Centers of Scientific Study for the academic year 2011-2012, in addition to a summer seminar of Greek Language and Civilization for the summer of 2011.

The scholarships are awarded to citizens of the following countries: Azerbaijan , Egypt, Ethiopia , Albania, Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria , France, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, India , Jordan, Iran , Ireland, Israel, Italy, China, Cuba , Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mexico , Norway, Korea, Netherlands, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Pakistan , Palestine, Peru , Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Syria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Tunisia, and Finland.


  1. Monthly allowance: • 500€, for scholarship holders following undergraduate studies and • 550€, for scholarship holders following postgraduate studies or study.
  2. One-off allowance for settlement expenses: • 500€, for those that shall be settled to Athens and• 550€, for those that shall be settled to the province.
  3. One-off quantity of 150€ annually for covering transportation expenses within the country for postgraduate students or researchers who are obliged to move from their location of residence, in order to execute the study program approved by our Office and as lengthy as there’s really a justified proposal by their Supervisor.
  4. Exemption from tuition fees only for undergraduate studies.
  5. It is clarified that for the scholarship holders of postgraduate studies or study in case they wish to follow the Greek language courses as well, they shall not be exempted from tuition fees. Additionally, they ought to choose the postgraduate programs provided as “tuition fee-free” from the list that they shall seek to this website under the indication “State Budget”.
  6. Totally free medical treatment within the case of an emergency, only in Public Hospitals


Candidates for postgraduate studies in Greece ought to:
• In any case know the Greek language and be accepted to a postgraduate studies program
• To be informed if the Postgraduate Program they’ve chosen to attend, demands for their degree to be recognized in our country. In case their degree is NOT included to the list of recognized degrees, candidates ought to address to Hellenic NARIC (National Academic Recognition Info Center , 54, Ag.Constantinou Str., 104 37, Athens, tel 210-5281000/29), for their degree recognition in order to be accepted in every Postgraduate Program.

Candidates for study ought to be fluent in Greek or English or French language. The term “research” consists of preparation for a doctorate or postdoctorate thesis, in addition to any other form of scientific study except medical specialization.

How to Apply

Qualified candidates ought to address the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Education of their country of origin- in extremely few instances the Greek embassy in their country – which are competent for application collection, the proposed candidates’ selection along with the forwarding of files to the Hellenic Ministry of Education’s Office. Candidacy files sent to the Ministry’s Office with out a forward note from the candidate’s country shall not be taken into consideration and shall be returned to candidate scholarship holders only if requested for a duration of year.

The proposals made by competent authorities for every country, along with the proposed candidate files ought to arrive within the Ministry’s Office no later than 31 March 2011 . Nevertheless, it is noted that every country shall establish by itself the closing dates for application submission which shall not coincide to the final closing date of file consignment to Greece and interested persons ought to address the services of their own country.

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