Master Studies in the Field of International Relations, Austria

Deadline: 1 March 2011
Open to: international students (social sciences,law, economics, sociology)
Studentship: available

All scholarships are based on competition. This means that even when all scholarship requirements are met there is no legal claim to a scholarship. As for article 1 of the Austrian Data Protection Act, BGBl. Nr. 165/1999 in the present version, the applicant is aware of the fact and fully agrees that personal data contained in the application and its enclosures may be forwarded for statistical purposes and in order to ensure that the application can be properly processed.

Applicants have to apply for admission directly at the Austrian postsecondary education institution of their choice and contact their possible future university department themselves.

Applications that are incomplete at the time of submission or that do not meet the scholarship requirements will not be taken into consideration. It is, however, possible to hand in the university admission, if necessary, after the deadline. If a scholarship is awarded due to incorrect data or if there is a case of double financing, the full scholarship will have to be paid back.

Selection Criteria

A committee of experts examines and evaluates the applications according to the following criteria:
– Why is it necessary for you to study or to pursue research in Austria?
– What exactly will you do in Austria in the framework of your scholarship stay?
– How do you plan to carry out your project? Which scientific methods/which methodology will you use?
-What is the objective of your study or research project in Austria?
– Which steps have you planned to achieve your planned study/research objective (attendance of courses, research in archives, interviews . . .)?
– Have you already completed preparatory work to achieve your study/research objective? If yes, which?
– Where do you want to carry out your project (library, archive, institute . . .)?
– Academic background, list of publications etc.

Maximum age for submission is 35.


Quota is usually 10 scholarships (depend on budget).

1)monthly scholarship instalment: for students enrolled in a master or diploma programme: € 940
2) accident and health insurance, accommodation
a) If necessary, the OeAD (Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research) will effect an accident  and health insurance.
b) The OeAD provides scholarship holders with accommodation (student dormitory or apartment). Monthly costs: € 220 to € 470 (depending on the level of comfort requested by the scholarship holder). The scholarship holder has to pay an administrative fee of € 18.— per month to the OeAD for the provision of accommodation. The costs for insurance and accommodation have to be covered by the scholarship holder from the scholarship.

Applicants for a scholarship coming from countries which are neither members of the EU nor members of EFTA, EEA or OECD can be granted a travel allowance of up to max. € 500.- in addition to the scholarship.
There is no additional funding beside that.

Application Deadline and Procedure

The application deadline absolutely needs to be kept and the application has to be submitted ON-LINE by 23.59.59 Central European Time on March 1. Applications which are submitted in a different way or after the deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Applicants may be students
– who are descendants of forced labourers or come from countries that have exceptionally suffered from the Nazi regime, especially from the recruitment of forced labourers
– for studying a master degree programme in the field of international relations which directly entitles the graduate to study a doctoral/PhD programme at a post-secondary educational institution.

Contact person
Heike Kernbauer (

Official Website

11 thoughts on “Master Studies in the Field of International Relations, Austria

  1. What is possible department that I could apply to before applying for scholarship. The web site administrator send me back that it could be Vienna Diplomatic Academy, why only it. Maybe she meant another boursery.

  2. Yes I followed this link and contacted this person. Then I was proposed to contact only that institution, despite the announcement tells only about the profile of respective departments. I worry it should be too late to contact this universities for letter of addmision.

  3. Sorry "admission" but "addmision". First of all, I am strange on such selectiveness.There is substantial obstacle to the programme mentioned in first post. It require the knowledge of second foreign language, and even the basics of the third language. It should be insurmontable barier, taking into account of oral examination probably in local embassy.

  4. I just have a simple but important question. I received the answer only after sending the second letter (about the appropriateness to apply for me). Despite I received the confirmation (I have already has master d. in my native country), does my first unanswered letter means the "read light" for possible successful application.

    1. Hi Andr,
      I guess they just `forgot` to answer the first letter. If you received a letter of confirmation, the fact that they didn`t answer on your first letter can be neglected.
      Good luck!


  5. Hi –

    I would very much like to apply for this scholarship but cannot access the official website in order to read about the details for the application process. When I click on the link, it says the website cannot be found.

    Could someone please provide the appropriate and working link?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Dear Darrah,

      Please note that the deadline for this opportunity has already passed. You might want to check other information provided here in our webpage, which you find attractive.

      Kind regards,
      Mladiinfo team

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