Interdisciplinary Summer School in Macedonian Cultural Identities

Deadline: 15 April 2011
Open to: MA or PhD students of history, art history, philosophy, literature, linguistics, cultural studies and cultural anthropology
Dates and Venue:19 June – 3 July, Ohrid, Macedonia
Fee: 150 EUR
Costs: accommodation costs

Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities Research “Euro-Balkan” is announcing a Call for Applications for “Interdisciplinary Summer School in Macedonian Cultural Identities”.

In the context of the actual situation and artificially generated issues with the constitutional name of Macedonia, the language, as well as the identity of Macedonian population, it is necessary to think of a seriously conceived and scholarly established inquiry of all the relevant elements related to the expression “Macedonian cultural identity” not as an exclusive feature of the dominant ethnicity in the Republic of Macedonia, rather as a historical category reflecting the cultural existence of Macedonians through the centuries, today reflecting itself in the political and social actuality. The analysis of the binary categories, such are: the Slav ship and the Antique tradition, the national consensus and the multi-ethnical character of the modern state, the deeply rooted orthodox tradition and the respect for the confessional freedom of the population, the national treasury of cultural legacy and the multicultural concept of ethnical cohabitation, created a great deal of confusion at open debates and other subjective forms of discussion and generated negative results reflected in the escalation of the inter-ethnical and inter-religious dialog in the Republic of Macedonia. In that regard, the aim of the School is the professional and scientific analysis of the: historical categories, socio-ethnical and confessional components, language and linguistic forms, cultural traditions and artistic creativity, which should determine and define the components of Macedonian cultural identity as an unity of historical memory, collective awareness and creative potential of the entire population of contemporary Macedonian state.


Participant must be MA or PhD students from the fields of: history, art history, philosophy, literature, linguistics, cultural studies and cultural anthropology (not older than 36 years of age).


Participant must be a national of one of the countries from Southeastern Europe in order for her/his accommodation costs to be fully covered by the Organizer. The total participation fee will be 150 euro.

Participants from other countries are also eligible to participate, but ineligible for the financial support provided by the organizers. These applicants will have to cover participation fee of 150 euro and accommodation costs.

Number of participants: 15
Working language of the Summer School will be English.


Deadline for submitting the application: April 15th 2011
Deadline for announcing the results of the selection process: May 1st 2011
The full program of the school will be announced: March 1st 2011


Prof. Predrag Novakovic, PhD
Co-director of the Summer School
Archaeological Research Center, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana
Ms. Bojana Janeva, MA
Coordinator of the Summer School
Institute “Euro-Balkan”
Blvd. Partizanski Odredi 63, 1000, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Tel/Fax. + 389 2 30 75 570

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