Internship for Cultural Managers from CE, EE, SEE, Germany

Deadline: 6 March 2011
Open to: cultural managers from Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe
Allowance: monthly stipend of 1.000 Euro, travel expenses and health insurance covered, three-month work experience grant for the start of a career after arrival in the home country

About the program

The Robert Bosch Stiftung invites selected fellows from Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe to Germany for a thirteen-month course qualifying them in international cultural management. The aim of the program is to familiarize a German audience with the cultural variety of these countries, to strengthen network structures for workable cooperative ventures between Germany and its eastern neighbors, and to qualify the next generation of managers for international cultural exchange. The program is carried out by MitOst e.V.

The cultural managers will be taking on responsible tasks in a German institution. Both parties enter into an intercultural experience: the fellows get to know about everyday working life in a German institution, and enrich the institution with new project ideas and connections, and the host institutions support the fellows in carrying out their projects.

The focus of the cultural managers’ work is on conveying a current image of their home countries and in presenting young artists in Germany. In cooperation with their host institution, local partners and their countries’ embassies, they run innovative artistic and cultural projects, for which they raise funding and design press and public relations work.

Applicant profile

:: Citizen of Central, Eastern and Southeastern European countries
::Degree from an institute of higher education
:: Proof of initial experience in cultural work or in relatively lengthy practical experience in a cultural institution
:: Life mainly centered in applicant’s home country for the last few years
:: Good connections to the cultural network in applicant’s home country
:: Ability to carry out conceptual design
:: Confident manner in public
:: Deep interest in cultural exchange in Europe
:: Wide range of personal interests and social commitment
:: Above-average willingness to take action; independence
:: Good knowledge of German

Cultural managers’ tasks

:: Working in a cultural institution
:: Developing and managing artistic and cultural projects
:: Raising external funding
:: Public relations work
:: Developing connections between partners from Germany and the fellow’s country of origin
:: Working on a joint cultural project organized by the fellows in Germany
:: Taking part in continuing education courses as part of the program


The cultural managers will receive a monthly stipend of 1.000 Euro. Travel expenses for the trip to Germany and the seminars will be paid, as will the costs for health, accident and public liability insurance and all costs for seminars. The start of a career in the fellow’s home country will be supported in the form of a three-month work experience grant.

More info in English here.

Application process

The program starts in October with an introductory seminar. You may find the application form and the list of necessary documents here. (in German)

Application deadline is 6th March 2011.


MitOst e.V.
Kulturmanager aus Mittel- und Osteuropa
Alt-Moabit 90
10559 Berlin
Telephone +49(0)30/31 51 74 87
Fax +49(0)30/31 51 74 71

The official webpage.

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