Global Education Network of Young Europeans

Deadline: 25 January 2011
Open to: Europeans aged 21-30
Duration: September 2011 – July 2012
Fee: Basic Registration Fee

GLEN – Global Education Network of Young Europeans – is a joint non-profit, politically independent initiative of ten organizations from old and new member states of the European Union: Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. GLEN qualifies multipliers in global education. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of seminars/trainings with practice/experience and in the combination of North-South exchange with inner-European exchange.


10th November 2010 – January 2011
The application form and the list of internships for 2011 are online. Young Europeans are welcome to apply through the GLEN Member Organization in their home country.
January – February 2011
Participants are being selected.
April – June 2011

The training cycle begins for the participants with 2 Multipliers Training Seminars which equip them with skills needed as global educators and prepare them for their stay in the Global South. Seminars in the GLEN Multipliers Training Cycle 2011
English speaking GLEN group (GLEN Anglo)

  • 28th April to 3th May 2011 in Werftpfuhl, Germany
  • 13th to 18th June 2011 in Kostelecke Horky, Czech Republic

French speaking GLEN group (GLEN Geco)

  • 17-22nd April 2011 in Fayl Billot, France
  • 31st May to 5th June 2011 in Bessunger Forst, Germany

Internship in the Global South
July – October 2011
Usually between July and October the internship of the GLEN participants with partner organisations in Africa, Asia or South-East Europe takes place. The internship takes three months.
Global education practical phase in Europe
November 2011 – March 2012
The participants engage in global education in their home country and in Europe. Each participant needs to implement a Global Education activity in his/her home country or in Europe, supported by his/her tutor.

Who Can Apply

You can apply, if

  • you are between 21 and 30 years old,
  • you are a citizen or resident of one of the 11 countries where GLEN partner organisations are present,
  • you have not participated in the GLEN Multipliers Training Cycle before,
  • you are engaged in community development, volunteering or other social activities (like NGOs, political parties, students organisations, cultural initiatives etc.),
  • you want to learn more about and get active in Global Education,
  • you are interested in international development, intercultural and international affairs,
  • your education and/or professional experience, as well as your skills and qualifications conform to the requirements of the internships you would like to apply for,
  • you have a very good command of English or French,
  • you have a sufficient command of other languages which might be required (as specified in the internship descriptions),
  • you have a basic knowledge of a local language and/or the will to learn it,
  • you are ready to work in a European team,
  • you commit to participating in the whole GLEN training cycle (training & preparation seminars, internship in the Global South, Global Education practical phase in Europe, RENew seminar),
  • you are willing to accommodate yourself with the conditions of living and working in the South and East,
  • you want to work/volunteer in awareness raising/global education activities in Europe after the cycle.

The national GLEN partners might have further specific requests – please, therefore see the website of your home country GLEN Member Organisation or ask the respective GLEN co-ordinators.

Your Obligations

While applying you need to confirm that you will take part in

  • two training and preparation seminars,
  • a three month internship in the Global South,
  • Global Education practical phase: implementation of global education activities in your home country or on the European level
  • the evaluation and follow-up at the RENew seminar

As noted before, each partner organisation might have different additional expectations towards your engagement in awareness raising/global education after having returned from the South and different conditions of participation.

Application Process

In order to apply, contact your national GLEN Member Organization. Every organisation has a slightly different application procedure and selection process. Your participation in the programme is assured only under the condition that the financial resources from different donors are actually transferred and that no incidents in the host country occur that may endanger your stay. You have to apply at the GLEN Member Organisation in your home country.

  • for German applicants – ASA Program
  • for Czech applicants – INEX-SDA
  • for Polish applicants – Polish Humanitarian Organisation
  • for Slovak applicants – Tabita
  • for Latvian applicants – GLEN Latvia
  • for Estonian applicants – AKU
  • for Lithuanian applicants – Kolping
  • for French applicants – BRECI-Enseignement agricole francais
  • for Hungarian applicants – Hungarian Volunteer Sending Foundation
  • for Maltese applicants – Third World Group
  • for Slovenian applicants – Zavod Voluntariat

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