British Council Online Training for Macedonian Primary Teachers

Deadline: 30 December 2010
Open to: teachers with some primary teaching experience, experienced English teachers willing to move into the primary sector and improve their teaching skills
Costs: free of charge

Primary Essentials is an online English language teacher development course designed for a variety of teacher audiences.

Who is it for?

It is especially intended for:

  • Teachers with some primary teaching experience who wish to receive a practical primary English teaching development course.
  • Experienced English teachers who are thinking of moving into the primary sector.
  • Experienced primary teachers of English who feel the need to improve their primary teaching skill.

About the course

The course is delivered completely online via Moodle and has 6 highly practical modules plus lots of live classroom videos showing the techniques being used.

You will be assigned a tutor who will support you throughout your course.

The online course also includes sections for self assessment and forums to discuss your learning topics with networks of teachers across the country or internationally.

This course length is around 10 weeks and is approximately 50 hours long. Course participants will need to spend up to 60 minutes online each day, including weekends. This includes online work, where you have to complete tasks and discuss topics with other participants plus self study. Self study includes assignments, lesson planning and reflection on your lessons.

Participants are assessed at the end of each module (read more further down). The assignments form a portfolio on which participants are given a final assessment of distinction/pass/fail.

Application process

You can apply by filling in the application form. Please send it to us, no later than 30 December 2010.

The online course is expected to start on 17th January 2011.

Note! A maximum number of 20 participants will be selected for the course.  Since this is the first cycle, the online training is free of charge, i.e. the British Council will cover all costs. However, should any of the selected participants drop out during the training, he/she will be asked for a refund of 3000 MKD.

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