Training course on Youth Democracy Projects Development, Sofia

Deadline: 31 January 2011
Open to: project managers, young people, youth leaders, youth workers, student councils, local authorities, associations
Venue: 5 – 10 March 2011, Sofia, Bulgaria
Fee: can be covered by the “Youth in Action”


The objectives of the training course are:

  • To explore the added value of Youth Democracy projects for the local community
  • To acquire project management and communication competences
  • To develop understanding about the principles of youth participation
  • To learn about the Youth in Action Programme and especially about the quality criteria of Action 1.3 Youth Democracy projects
  • To share and transfer experiences of activities undertaken in the local community
  • To create a space for contact making and finding potential partners for Youth Democracy projects
  • To develop an action plan to realise a Youth Democracy project.

About Project

The programme is designed to give you knowledge and skills to develop and realise your Youth Democracy project after the course. The following elements can be included in the programme:

  • Youth in Action programme.You will get information about the Youth in Action programme, particularly the criteria of Action 1.3 Youth Democracy projects.
  • Concept of participation. You will reflect on the concept of youth participation to get a better understanding.
  • Project management. You will reflect on current needs in your local community. You will define concrete project ideas to answer those needs. You will set up the first steps in the development of your Youth Democracy project.
  • Teamwork and partnerships. You will be given suggestions to help with team work (at local and international level): decision-making processes, division of tasks, and cooperation between the partner groups.
  • Intercultural setting. You will meet people from all over Europe to exchange experiences, work on participation, develop future actions etc.
  • Contact making. You will get to know each other’s projects and organisations and will have the opportunity to further develop cooperation with your partners.


The course will be based on the principles and practices of non-formal education taking into account your needs, motivations and previous experiences as the starting point of the programme. A diversity of working methods will be used for learning about Youth Democracy project management: thinking together, brainstorming, creating new ideas, discussions, debates, simulations, etc. You will be actively supported to work on concrete projects and enabled to apply for Action 1.3 of the Youth in Action programme. There will be space for regular feedback and evaluations.


Sending costs (travel costs, insurance) can be covered by the National Agencies sending participants to the training course (please check with your NA). Hosting costs (accommodation, food, program activities, and local transport) will be covered by the hosting National Agency.Official training language is English.
This event is organized by SALTO National Agency.

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11 thoughts on “Training course on Youth Democracy Projects Development, Sofia

    1. kitete serge:

      I am kitete serge from democratic republic of congo. I am cordinator ngo denomed youth development of congo of. Could you please let me know how can I attend this training program on Youth Democracy Projects Development, Sofia.thanks

      [Why Interested: for the information we are a non-governmental organization "youth development of congo" which handles the process of youth development and we are members of non-governmental space Francophone.
      We are well accepting the ministry of justice and communal democratic republic of Congo.denomed
      Our goal is to make this community a land of peace for his youth, so a land or young are in relation parking and others to share their concerns and their desires for what is the process of development, rightly build a network of peace.
      Helping young people learn, share experiences and mutual understanding, build friendship and cooperation between religions lead World Youth Through these two communities.
      We organize real conversations about things that matter most types they can be agents of a peaceful change in communities.
      Our initiative is first on the problems and social problems besetting the entire population, jobs have become so rare in most regions of the world, that the rate of unemployment may become a permanent feature of the modern economy, thus contributing a swelling rank of the poor and undermine social stability.
      Our social concern is poverty, without jobs and without basic amenities, we are conducting a struggle for these two countries which our organization was established to create jobs and make a lot that they are not only numerous but also Nature satisfy everyone in his company, as inequalities and social polarization is deepening go, so in fact it is our social struggle.

      Our work focuses on youth development involving the satisfaction of basic needs such as safe food, social security, health, education, employment, housing, transportation.
      The transfer to the reinvention of these two communities requires a practice noble and constructive in compliance with the standards that characterize the modern community.
      To this end our organization wants to compliance with the following standards essential for the promotion above Community:
      – respect for the man and the family
      – respect for the defence of human life
      – respect for freedoms and rights of youth
      – respect for the common good.

      Really we appreciate your enormous wonderful initiative and we beg you to continue with this state of mind and everything for us in central Africa where we are victims of all kinds of difficulties and massacres among others:
      On the social, economic, education or for example we have a very disturbing number of street children, regardless of school children, difficulties in cultural, environmental pollution, women raped and men massacred on the health plan we have few hospitals, epidemics, poor nutrition, high rates of HIV / AIDS and other contagious diseases such as tuberculosis and choleras which is almost raging in the two Congo’s or our organization is installed.

    1. Hello, Gemini,

      Please read the comments, too, sometimes you can find there the answers for your questions.

      So, once again:

      Hello, Youth from Kosovo,

      None of the countries in Western Balkans (apart from Croatia starting from 2011) has its National Agency. All the responsibilities of the National Agency is taken over by SEE SALTO YOUTH. For more info check their website or write directly to them:



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