IHS Journalism Internship in Different Media Companies

Deadline: for spring: 15 November 2010/ for summer: 31 January 2011
Open to: talented writers and communicators
Internship: Eight-week internship with a $3,200 stipend and a travel allowance, (interns must obtain their own room and board)

The IHS Journalism Internship Program places aspiring journalists who support liberty at media companies and non-profit investigative newsrooms. Talented writers and communicators have the opportunity to learn or improve their journalism skills and expand their professional network. Opportunities are offered year-round, during the spring, summer, and fall.

Journalists can advance liberty by producing balanced stories incorporating the ideas of individual rights, free markets, and peace. Journalists can draw on these ideas when choosing which stories to cover and how to report breaking stories. An IHS intern who understands spontaneous order and public choice theory will produce stories far different and more unique than a journalist steeped in the notion of central planning by altruistic, government officials.

If you have an eye for news and want to get the story and if you believe individual rights precede government, then start or enhance your journalism career with an internship through the IHS Journalism Internship Program. Past interns have worked at 20/20, the Orange County Register, Reason.TV, Fox News, and many other companies and organizations.

A Comprehensive Program

Program elements include:
Eight-week internship with a $3,200 stipend and a travel allowance (interns must obtain their own room and board)
Participation in our weeklong, summer workshop, Journalism & the Free Society, including travel assistance

Mentoring and job placement assistance from IHS program staff

Once accepted into the program, our program director will match you with a host based on your goals and experience and a host’s needs. You can also apply for funding for an internship you secure on your own, such as at a local paper or TV station.

During your internship, you’ll learn core reporting skills: how to identify compelling stories, secure sources, research facts, and ask the right questions. Plus all interns, from throughout the year, meet and network at the weeklong IHS Journalism Career Workshop during the summer—a great complement to the internship experience.

Previous experience is a plus but not required. We’re looking for skilled writers and communicators passionate about liberty and who support individual rights and free markets. We encourage students from all disciplines, including political science and economics, to apply. You don’t need to be a journalism major. Undergraduates, graduate students, and recent graduates of all majors are eligible. Almost all internships are in the U.S., and American media outlets require candidates to speak and write English fluently. In addition, candidates must meet all visa requirements. Learn more.

Journalism Career Workshop

As part of the program, all interns (fall, spring, and summer) attend our weeklong journalism workshop during the summer. At the workshop, experienced journalists share career stories and advice, and outstanding professors explain the foundations of a free press and economic tools for understanding political and economic issues. You can network with other interns and the faculty during meals, discussion groups, and nightly receptions. IHS provides travel assistance to the workshop. Learn more.

Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market

Editors and producers seek individuals with work experience, and an IHS internship gives you the chance to publish stories in local or city newspapers, investigate political controversies, or help produce a live, talk-oriented program. Apply today.

Application Deadlines

Spring: November 15, 2010
Summer: January 31, 2011
Fall: TBA (application online in 2011

More info on the official website.

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