Call for Macedonian Students for Social Justice Training

Deadline: 20/09/2010
Open to:
students in Macedonia

The aim of the Intercultural Learning and Understanding is to reinforce the interaction, to maintain and nurture the cooperation and to build effective communication channels between Roma and non Roma university students. It is believed that the students will not only learn for each other, but will also become aware of and will be able to overcome the existing prejudices and stereotypes.

This project component will be implemented through Education for Social Justice Training where total of 25 students (15 Roma and 10non-Roma) will participate in a total of 6 days training. The training is divided into two modules, three days each with two months free period between the first and the second module.

The first module will be implemented in the period from 24 -26 .09.2010 year.

The call is open for students in Macedonia.

Romaversitas/FOSIM will cover all the expenses for the training.

Conditions for applying

  • regular students enrolled at State Universities in Macedonia on undergraduate studies
  • finished academic 2009/10 year

Documents for applying


Certificate for regular student at university;

Copy of student transcript/index


Advantage will be given to students who are enrolled in first academic year on pedagogical faculties at the state universities in Republic of Macedonia.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: 20th September, 2010 year

Completed documents should be delivered personally at the offices of Romaversitas/FOSIM or by electronic mail:

Not completed and late applications will not be considered at the selection process.

Application and additional information’s for the training on the following contacts: st. Mirce Macan no.26, Skopje, telephone: 02 /3296-142, fax: 02/ 3296-143, from Mon to FRI 12:00 – 16:00

Romaversitas is part of FOSI-Macedonia implementing the university component of Roma Education Program. It was established in 2001 as a joint initiative of FOSIM and the Higher Education Support Program from OSI-Budapest. Romaversitas is a logical continuation of FOSIM’s efforts initiated in 1997 by the Roma Scholarship and Mentorship Program and a step further in promoting equal opportunities and access for young Roma students to higher education institutions in the Republic of Macedonia. Romaversitas is supported by the Roma Education Fund (REF) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The vision of Romaversitas foresees Roma with academic profile integrated within Macedonian public institutions as driving forces for societal inclusion of Roma community in Macedonia. The Social Justice Training is financially supported by USAID.

Open call for 25 participants for Social Justice Training

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