Romanian-Hungarian Communication, Romania

Deadline: 10/09/2010
Open to:
student between the age of 16-19 years
Costs: Accommodation, travel expenses (for the participants from Satu Mare) and lunch is covered

Click it and fix it!
A Seminar on Intercultural Communication in Romania
Cluj-Napoca, 17-19. September, 2010

Project holder: Balkans let´s get up!
Partner: Centrul Cultural German Cluj-Napoca

Romania offers home to eighteen officially registered ethnic groups among which the Hunga-
rians, making out 6.6 % of Romania`s inhabitants, are the most represented. This huge num-
ber of different ethnic groups enriches the country and its inhabitants with the chance of re-
cognizing a multitude of perspectives that are created through cultural diversity. The living-to-
gether of various groups of people speaking different languages, having their own scale of
values, traditions and expectations can generate easily prejudices, lack of interaction and fi-
nally conflicts.

If you recognized that these issues are present in our society and you want to discuss about
them with other young people and search for possible solutions in a relaxed and inspiring at-
mosphere, you have now the unique chance to do it!

The project “Click it and fix it” invites you to attend a dynamic and creative seminar which
deals with the intercultural communication between the Romanian community and the Hun-
garian minority. During the seminar we will try to find out where the roots of the existing pre-
judices and conflicts are and what we can do as individual citizens in order to combat them.
The participants will represent in an equal number both sides: the Romanian and the Hun-
garian and the working language will be English. Your contribution is extremely important
because the main topic of the seminar is the cohabitation of Romanians and Hungarians
which is best reflected in personal experiences and you have the power to make a change!

If you feel concerned by the Romanian- Hungarian (non?)communication or you want to learn more about it, please do not hesitate just participate!!!

Who can apply?

Any high school student between the age of 16-19 years able to work in English is highly
welcome. If you have already graduated, please do not worry you still have the possibility to

How to apply

As the title of the project shows, photos will play a role in the seminar. For application please
send a photo that reflects one topic of the seminar(or a topic we did not mention, but you
think should be discussed ) on the following e-mail address:
Beneath the photo please write down: your full name, your home town, your schools name
and your age. Based on the photos you send us we will select 8 participants for the seminar. Just use your
imagination and creativity to express how you perceive the living-together of Hungarians and
Romanians in our country. We are excited to see your great photos!
Potential participants who are not 18 years old yet are in case of selection kindly requested
to send us via e-mail the written allowance of the parents respective tutors.
The writing should contain the phone number of a parent or tutor that enables us to contact
the family.

Application deadline: 10th of September 2010

In case of selection we will inform you via e-mail until the 12th of September and will give
you further details related to the travel and accommodation.


Accommodation, travel expenses (for the participants from Satu Mare) and lunch will be orga-
nized and supported by the project holder. Please make sure that you can provide breakfast
and dinner.

For more information or questions on the seminar you may like to contact us by:

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