Festival Belluard Bollwerk International

Deadline: 18/10/2010

The Festival Belluard Bollwerk International and the Migros Culture Percentage are looking for projects that could set hope in motion, in the form of experimental set-ups, performance work, challenging practices or wild card invitations to the city and its inhabitants. Hope as invention; as movement; as change; as choreography; as daydream; as potential; as revolution; as hospitality; as action.

-The call is open to artists and practitioners from other fields, to Fribourg residents and people from other  places, to individuals or groups.

-Selected proposals will be realized as a part of the Belluard Festival 2011.

-The projects can take place in one of the festival venues, on another location in Fribourg or in the public space.

-Projects will be selected by a jury of arts practitioners and experts from other fields.

-Selected proposals will be further developed during a residency in Fribourg, in collaboration with specialists from different fields.


*Each project is to be presented on maximum three A4-format pages (including drawings, photo’s, plans, etc), along with a budget proposal and personal details (name, postal and email address, telephone number).

*Applications must be written in English, German or French

*For each selected project there will be a minimum artistic budget of 2’500 CHF plus a production budget for the realization of the project and presentation during the Belluard Festival 2011

All the materials should be sent to:

Belluard Bollwerk International
Contest 2011, PO Box 214
1701 Fribourg

For more info click here

Submission deadline is October 18th, 2010.

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