“Addicted to Life” – Media Contest

An international media contest has been launched as an initiative within the “Addicted to Life” information campaign for prevention and reduction of risks associated with amphetamine use. The contest is being carried out simultaneously in four European countries – France, Hungary, Macedonia, and Bulgaria. All journalists in the 4 participating countries willing to write or produce a material dedicated to the health and social aspects of drug use among young people are welcomed to participate in the contest.

Deadline: 30/09/2010

Journalists from press, electronic and internet media in Bulgaria, France, Hungary and Macedonia are eligible for the contest.

All kind of journalist’s materials (press, internet, radio, TV) devoted to social and health aspects of drug use are welcomed.Apart from being dedicated to health and social aspects of drug use, the following criteria will be applied by the jury:

  • special focus on amphetamine use;
  • accent on drug use among young people
  • relevance of the material,
  • journalist knowledge,
  • pluralism of viewpoints,
  • ethics.

There will be two stages of the competition. The first stage will be on national level. A national jury comprising the media expert, the drug expert and the coordinator from each partnering organization will select and nominate 5 journalists’ materials per country. The identification of the materials will be carried out through careful media monitoring in each country for the period 1st of March – 30th of September 2010.

The next stage of the contest will be international. An international jury will be constituted (for more information about the members, please visit the “Contest” page in English). Out of the 5 journalists’ materials nominated from each country (France, Hungary, Macedonia, Bulgaria) the international jury will select the best material for each country.

One award (1000 Euros and a certificate) will be given to the best journalist’s material from each of the four countries involved in the project. A special international event will be organized, where the nominees and winners from the 4 countries will receive their awards from the international jury. The event, the nominees and the winners of the contest will be widely promoted out in the public.

How to apply
Media experts from the partnering organizations in each country will carry out media monitoring for the whole period from 1st of March to 30th of September. They will nominate the materials after reviewing the media monitoring results. Along with this you can present your material to the Chair of the national jury in your country at the following emails:

For Hungary: Erika Barna; email: bluepointera@gmail.com

For France: Isabelle Celerier; email: celerierisabelle@gmail.com

For Macedonia: Irena Cvetkovik; email: irenacvet@yahoo.com

For Bulgaria: Ognian Zlatev; email: ozlatev@mediacenterbg.org

In the end of September 2010 the national jury in each country will review the identified materials and nominate 5 of them. At the next stage of the contest the international jury will select the best material on the topic for each of the 4 participating countries.

For more information, go to the official website.

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