Summer School, Moeciu de Sus, Romania

Deadline: 25/07/2010


*The participants are expected to be MA and PhD students in the fields: history, political science, philosophy, architecture, art, law, journalism, theology, letters, sociology, psychology, interested in Romania’s recent past.


*The organizers will cover the costs of meals, accommodation, events, tours and educational materials. Transportation costs are covered by the participants.

*Please notice that all papers should be submitted in Romanian. The language of the Summer School will be Romanian.

Application process

*Send an application to Your application should consist of your CV and an essay / research study of 5-10 pages on issues, approaches regarding the representation of memory of the period 1938-1989, and also on the need and manner in which it could be represented, with suggested topics such as:

• Competitive vs. complementary memory in the art / architecture of a museum;
• Daily life, repression, economy, society, institutions, propaganda and culture in the museum;
• Victims and perpetrators;
• Fascist and communist generations / revolutionary mission in the ’30s-’40s-’50s;
• Obedience, tradition, conformity and harmony in totalitarian Romania;
• Exculpation, exoneration or forgiveness?

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