Translation Traineeships, European Parliament

Deadline: varies according to traineeships period(closest 15/08/2010)

The European Parliament offers translation traineeships in its Secretariat in order to contribute to the vocational training of young citizens, and to the understanding of the working of the institution.

General requirements:

* citizenship of a EU country, or a country in application process
* age of 18 or more on the starting day of the traineeship
* not have been a participant or receiver of any previous traineeships/paid positions in any of the EU institutions

1.Paid Translation Traineeship
* have a university degree after a course or study of at least three years’ duration;
* have a perfect knowledge of one of the official languages of the EU or of the official   language of an applicant country, and a thorough knowledge of two others.

b)Dates and duration:
1 January (deadline 15/08/2010)
1 April   (deadline 15/11/2010)
1 July    (deadline 15/02/2011)
1 October (deadline 15/05/2011)

The duration of the traineeship is 3 months

2.Unpaid Translation Traineeship
*Applicants for unpaid translation traineeships must have perfect knowledge of one of the official languages of the EU or of the official language of an applicant country, and a good knowledge of two others.
*the traineeship must:
– form part of a course of study at a university or at an educational establishment of an equivalent standard,
– form one component of a high-level vocational training course organized by a non-profit making body (in particular, public institutes or bodies)
– be a requirement governing access to a profession.

The dates and duration of the unpaid traineeship are the same as the date of the paid traineeship.

* European Parliament Paid Traineeships: Regulation and application forms
* European Parliament Unpaid Traineeships: Regulation and application forms

European Parliament – Translation Traineeships Service

European Parliament
Service des stages de traducteurs
ADG 07C009
L-2929 Luxembourg
fax: +352 / 43 00 277 77

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