Terra di Tutti Film Festival in Bologna, Italy

The Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) GVC and Cospe promote the fourth edition of Terra di Tutti Film Festival Southern world countries documentaries and social cinema exhibition.

Deadline: 30/06/2010


The exhibition is an international event without any restriction on nationality, age and profession. The participation is free of charge.

Competition Object

The competition is open to videos of a maximum duration of 60 minutes. The works have to belong to one of the following categories:

* Documentaries
* Animation
* Social fiction – Docu-fiction

Works realized with any kind of technique (even animation) and format (that respect the following regulation) are admitted.
Terra di Tutti Film Festival Fourth edition priority issues are:
– Fight against poverty
– Natural resources valorisation and preservation
– Water as a common wealth
– Food sovereignty; sustainable, biologic and fair-trade agriculture.
– Sustainable energy
– Migration sustainable development

The videos must anyway deal with social issues linked to globalization and development, and at least one of the following topics: gender and development; active citizenship and development; human rights and democracy; work and globalization; environment; youth and children rights; war, terrorism and violence; media and information on/in Southern world countries.

Participation rules

* Every single filmmaker can participate with a limit of three pieces.
* Only works produced after January 1st  2007 are admitted;
* The submission has to be done by filling up the on line entry form. The subscription will be confirmed to the candidate also by e-mail.
* It is necessary to fill up a subscription form for each submitted work.
* Call for entry deadline is June 20,  2010.

Delivery and selection process

At the time the online subscription it’s done, the author should send a copy of each submitted work before 30 June 2010, in one of the following ways:

a) In DVD format and in a sealed envelope with the name of TERRA DI TUTTI FILM FESTIVAL on it, to one of the following address:

GVC – Gruppo di Volontariato Civile Onlus
Via dell’Osservanza 35/2 – 40136 Bologna (Italy)
Mrs. Stefania Piccinelli

COSPE – Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo dei Paesi Emergenti
Via Slataper, 10 – 50134 Firenze (Italy)
Mr. Jonathan Ferramola

b) Or, if it is you preference, it’s also possible to upload the DVD master in AVI, MPG4 o MOV format compressed (zip format) into the following addresses:
1) For max 2GB file the URL is the following:
2) If the file is more than 2GB:
It will be possible to do the upload trough an FTP client.


It will be given as production support, a voucher of 1,500 Euro to be divided among the three best work (Prize to Best European production, Best Southern world production, Special Prize from the Council of foreign of Bologna) chosen by the Festival honour jury.
The price giving will take place during the festival last night.

Check the official website for more information

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